10 Things Every Woman Should Do At Least Once In Her Lifetime

Hello Fabbies! my birthday was this past Saturday (11/21), and I spent the weekend in Dallas, mainly to take care of business, but also to see a few friends, my sister, and my nephew of course. I ended up getting sick with some sort of stomach virus my birthday evening, so needless to say I didn’t really “turn up” as one would have maybe thought lol! Anyway, I’m feeling tons better now, and the virus is gone, so whoop whoop to that! However, while I was sick and lying in bed, I was strangely thinking a plethora of thoughts while trying to rest:

“OMG I hope I do not have to go to the hospital.”

“I cannot believe I got sick!”

“I never get sick!”

“When was the last time I got sick anyway?!”

“I have to fly on the airplane tomorrow! I can’t fly while I’m sick!!”

“Why the hell did I get sick on my birthday night?!”

“I am freezing! I think my toes have literally turned to ice. Now I’m worried they’re frost bitten.”

“I didn’t have plans anyway but to stay at home and drink wine with Ordene and my sister, but I really wanted to do that!!” (Y’all know I love my wine. hehe)

“OMG what if I die while I’m sleeping?!”

“It’s my birthday!!! This isn’t fairrrrrrr!!”

So yeah. My thoughts were all over the place. But I also began thinking about my previous birthdays, and how much fun they have been, and what’s the difference anyway if I’m a little sick on one measly birthday? I’m just a drama queen in my head. But I did start thinking about a lot of the cool things I’ve done in my lifetime, and some of the proud moments that brought me to my thirty-third year of life. I mean, here I was dying in my head, so I started to sort of reminisce and reflect on my life.
And all of those thoughts led me to this blog post! There are pertinent things I think we as women should do AT LEAST ONCE in our lifetime. And I’ve narrowed down a list of ten.

10 Things Every Woman Should Do At Least Once in Her Lifetime:

1. Get A Brazilian Wax. Yep. Get your pubic hair waxed off. ALL. OFF. Does it hurt? Like hell it does. But it takes less than 10 minutes, you don’t have to worry about shaving for about a month, and your hair grows back super thin, so each time you go in for a wax, the pain gets less and less worrisome. I promise.
And why do you ask, all of it? Well, I know every woman has their preference, which is why this list is just something you should try at least once. But when’s the last time you’ve seen your hooha anyway? Who knows! You may like it! The way it feels? The way it looks?! No shaving. No hair. Swimsuit ready. Significant other ready…I think every woman should try it at least once! Just to say “Oh hellllll no I’m never doing that again!” or, “Ooooh!! I’m gonna get waxed forever!”

2. Live Alone. No roommate. No parents. No kids. No boyfriend. No husband. Just you. When you live by yourself, you tend to learn a lot about yourself. You learn if you like for it to be quiet. You learn if you love to have background noise like the TV or music on. You have freedom to do what you want there. Walk around naked. Decorate how you like. Clean it as you like. Or not clean it if you want. Even if you just live alone for a short period of time, there’s no feeling like independence, in the sense that your dwelling is yours and yours only. Even if it’s brief, you could always look back on your life and be proud that you were your own best company sometimes.

3. Have An Epic Girls Weekend In A Different City. This could be a weekend with you and just one other girlfriend. Or sister. Or cousin. You all don’t have to go anywhere like Dubai or Vegas, (but of course, well that would be great too lol!), but a quick road trip somewhere, a flight somewhere, just travel out of town together. Drink copious amounts of wine. Have girl talk. Have gut wrenching laughs together. Cry if you need to. Vent. Just have a good time, and what’s sweeter, is that you’re creating memories of lifetime, and sharing new experiences together. Let me tell ya, I’ve done girls road trips and destination trips with my girls, and they all have been a BLAST! Just plan ahead of time so everyone can save their money and afford to go, and go make memories! (Also, you never really know a person until you see how they travel, dwell in a hotel room, and see them in various settings.)

4. Meet, And Fall In Love With The Man of Your Dreams. Okay okay okay. I know that seems silly to say. But here’s the thing: You have a whole lifetime to do this. You’re gonna kiss some frogs honey. Just keep living. But whoever the “man of your dreams is”, or whoever you think  he is, you have to meet him. This means getting out of the house. Going to a restaurant or bar alone sometimes. Taking a chance on a dating website. Giving the guy a chance you thought used to be nerdy, but turns out he’s super swagged out and has a great sense of humor. And fall in love. You may not even marry him. Or you may.You may even get your heart broken. But sometimes the “man of your dreams” may fool you, and he may not be the man you thought he was after all! But you will only know once you meet him. That’s the crazy thing about life. You just never really know about that kinda thing. Just keep living. And go have fun meeting people in the process.  (I fell in love with the man of my dreams 7 years ago. And 7 years ago, I promise you if you asked us both, we could have never predicted that we would be right here where we are…together. 🙂 )

5. Drastically Cut Your Hair. I first did this in 2006. I was just ready for a change. I had never really had a big haircut other than getting my ends trimmed, so I wanted to switch up my look a bit. I went to a walk-in hair salon at the mall, and told the hairstylist to give me a bob.  The hairstylist asked, “do you want me to expose your neck?” I almost shouted “YES!” Please! Expose it!!” lol! I absolutely LOVED my new hair cut! I remember I kept touching my neck thinking “wow there’s no hair back there!!” And I loved it! Cutting your hair is just such an invigorating, freeing feeling! But I will warn you. You’re either gonna love it immediately, or hate it immediately, no matter how much you cut off. I cut my hair again last year. And immediately was like “oh no! I miss my poofy bun!” So yes, I was sad at first. But I learned how to do some dope hairstyles along the way, and grew to love my new length! Either way, just remember that it’s just hair, and it does grow back. (And if you’re impatient, of course you can weave, wig, or braid it up in the meantime if you’d like lol!

6. Have Multiple Orgasms. The end.

7. Give Up Eating Meat for A Month. (And Dairy If You Dare!) I think everybody should try this for a month and see how it goes. For me, that was my first step into becoming a vegetarian. I first gave up meat for a month to see how I would do and how I would feel. It was surprisingly easy. I was never a really “meat and potatoes” kind of girl anyway, so it was somewhat easy for me. But aside from that, I just felt healthier after that one month, and was like, ya know, I could do this again! So I continued, and eventually, (with the encouragement from Chris), I’m a full-fledged Vegan. So I think everyone should try it! Who knows! Your skin might get clearer. You may shed a pound or two. But the fact is, you’d be healthier. And you’d be saving animals. And helping planet Earth.  🙂  #teamVegan

8. Ask For A Raise When You Think You Deserve It. I know this is somewhat intimidating and scary. But if you strongly feel that you are being underpaid for the work that you do, schedule a meeting with your boss or manager, and prepare to come to the meeting with facts (laid out on note cards if you need to, followed by homework and preparation so you can cover all your bases), and let them know what your worth is. You would be professional, respectful, and direct in this meeting. And after the meeting is over, and you still don’t get a raise, you better believe they are paying closer attention to the work you do now. So you better show out and perform! (And be proud that you stood up for yourself no matter what.)

9. Buy A Stranger Lunch. If you’re in a drive-thru window, and you have a little extra money in your pocket, pay for the car behind you. If you’re at a restaurant and you happen to have a little extra money that day, pay for someone dining by themselves. Or if you’re feeling generous, pay for a couple, or a whomever you want! When you give to others, you’d be surprised at good that would make you feel for the rest of that day. I have always been a firm believer in random acts of kindness.

10. Believe In Yourself. Whether you’re pursuing a promotion, trying to overcome a fear, or struggling in any aspect of your life, you have to absolutely remind yourself that you can do it. You CAN get through it. You can overcome whatever obstacle that may be standing in your way. Trust your gut. Know that you’re worthy. Know that you’re enough!

Those are just a few things I think you guys should add to your bucket lists. Or daily lists. Or goals. Or whatever notebook/reminder checklist/list list you want to add them to. Just do them. And write me a message on how great (or not so great) things went for you. I’d love to hear about them! I’ll even add my 2 cents if you want me to! I am pretty wise, being 33 and all now. ;p
Enjoy the rest of your week Fabbies! xoxo


5 thoughts on “10 Things Every Woman Should Do At Least Once In Her Lifetime

  1. I thought I lived an exciting life til I read this list Lmao!!! I can't so The Vegan part, I just love steak to much ;). Love this list, definitely going to update my to do list!! Xoxox


  2. A woman must travel solo atleast once in a lifetime.There are so many benefits of traveling solo.For me the biggest reason for is that it's makes you capable of taking your own decisions.


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