It’s Our Two Year Wedding Anniversary!-Throwback Photos of Us (And A Few Current Ones)

Hey Fabbies! Today happens to be my 2nd Wedding Anniversary! Whoop Whoop! Cue the fireworks, pop the champagne, pass the j, and all do all those other celebratory actions that come with yearly milestone events. Supreme and I got married two years ago today in Costa Rica. (To see my wedding photos and all things wedding-related click HERE). Our day started off with sheepish “we-been-together-so-long-that-we-truly-almost-forgot-it-was-our-anniversary”, grins at each other. And not in a clichéd old married couple way, where you are either tired of each other by now or you don’t celebrate anymore because “ehhh what’s the big deal”? But we truly are at the point where we celebrate each other often and throughout the year, and not just on “holidays”. So when things like Valentine’s Day or Anniversaries come up, we treat them just as special as any other day, and that is by honoring, respecting, and loving each other unconditionally.  Continue reading “It’s Our Two Year Wedding Anniversary!-Throwback Photos of Us (And A Few Current Ones)”

Does Anybody Else Enjoy Grocery Shopping? +My Typical Grocery List

Happy Weekend Fabbies! I have a confession: I love going to the grocery store. I love grocery shopping. (Which really makes complete sense since I love food so much.) This love for grocery stores began when I really started cooking. This happened in 2010 when I moved in with my then-boyfriend, now husband, Supreme in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Prior to 2010, I could probably count on one hand, maybeeee two, on how often I cooked a meal. Like, a full meal that I prepared. Not a frozen pizza, hot pocket, peanut butter & jelly sandwich, hot dog, ramen noodles or TV dinner (these were staples in my fridge back in the day! Haha! But let’s be clear: I still eat the vegan version of these things from time to time too.) It wasn’t until I moved in with my Honeybee in 2010 that I decided that I needed to go ahead and cook more. He was a professional athlete at the time, so I was like, “hmm, it probably will be best if I cooked so he can have energy to play…” Now, I was no cook either though. I mean, I knew how to prepare a few dishes, but I never grew up in the kitchen helping my mom cook. My mom cooked the food, and I ate it. Simple! Fast forward to adult life, and my meals consisted of going out to eat with friends or fast food, hot pocketing it or hot dogging it up, and eating at my job.

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My Trip To Dallas To Visit My Sisters and Friends! (Tons of Pictures!)

Hey Fabbies! A few weeks ago I took a trip down to Dallas, Texas. My older sister Tamika lives there, and my good friend Brittanii just moved right outside of Dallas at the start of the year. Brittanii held a Rodeo-Themed birthday party at her home, and I would not have missed that for the world! Her party could not have come at a more perfect time, because it gave me the opportunity to not only see her, but to also reunite with my sister Tamika, AND my younger sister Diamond came down for the weekend from Mississippi as well. I had not seen any of them since almost a year ago when we were all together at my house for #LitintheDesert Girls Weekend! This was also my first kid-free weekend in over a year, so it was a much needed little getaway for a Mommy break!  Continue reading “My Trip To Dallas To Visit My Sisters and Friends! (Tons of Pictures!)”

My Weekend In LA for the Vegan Food Festival! (TONS Of Pictures!)

At the end of May, my family and I took a quick little weekend getaway trip to LA/Anaheim, California to attend the annual Vegan Food and Beer Festival. I have been wanting to go to the this festival since I learned about it while living in Los Angeles two years ago, but our schedules were never free during the times that had it the last two years. So this year was our year to go! While the Vegan Festival was in Los Angeles, we stayed in Anaheim, CA which is nearby. I meant to blog about our trip sooner, but I did not realize how many pictures I had compiled from the trip, so going through, editing, and deciding which pics to post took a lot longer than expected. But this post comes at the perfect time anyway, because I have another upcoming trip to Dallas, Texas this weekend, where I am going to visit my older sister and nephew, PLUS see one of my good friends, Brittanii, who is having a birthday party at her house! I will definitely write a blog post all about that trip when I return next week, because I know it will be a long weekend full of much-needed girl time and FUN!

But back to our fab weekend in Cali; it was a quick weekend 4-day trip, and I will share what I wore, what we ate, (except for what I ate at the actual Vegan Fest; you’ll get to see all of that on my next vlog on YouTube when it’s ready!), and how much fun was had! Continue reading “My Weekend In LA for the Vegan Food Festival! (TONS Of Pictures!)”

Some Of My Favorite Looks From Fab & Ravenous Boutique!

Hey Fabbies! Earlier this month, I celebrated six months of my online store,  Fab & Ravenous Boutique being open! I opened my store on Friday, January 13th, 2017, (I will never forget that date. Friday the 13th! Easy to remember right? haha) and have learned a lot in that short amount of time of being open. I will write an entire post on that at a later date. 🙂 But for now, I wanted to share some of my favorite looks that I have worn from my store over the last 6 months! Some items are sold out, but I still have many items available for you to shop. I will be expanding my merchandise a great deal as the summer progresses, and I cannot wait for you guys to see!  Continue reading “Some Of My Favorite Looks From Fab & Ravenous Boutique!”

Best Moments From My 2016 Vlogs is Live!

Hey Fabbies! If you follow me on any of my social media, then you already know that I posted a video a few days ago, that is a compilation of my favorite moments from my YouTube vlog series: “The Fab and Ravenous Life”. It’s been several months since I last vlogged, as I have been busy with life and running an online boutique.  But! I am definitely bringing the vlogs back very soon, with the first one showing my time at the Annual Vegan Food Fest in Los Angeles, California! My videographer, Bryan “Flashy” Armstrong was there to capture it all, so I can’t wait to share that with you! Ya’ll! So. Much. Food!!! I will also do a blog post soon on that entire weekend, including what I wore, what we ate, and more! Continue reading “Best Moments From My 2016 Vlogs is Live!”

It’s My 3-Year Blog Anniversary!

Hey Fabbies! Can you believe it has been three years since I started my “Fab and Ravenous” Blog?! Like seriously!! When I started this blog I was living in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Zé was 2 years old and Vito was 1!

We were snowed in this day and came outside to let the kids play in the snow. Charlotte, NC 2014

This blog has been such a fun and creative outlet for me, and I have really enjoyed sharing my life, outfits, hairstyles, recipes, and everything in between with you guys. I have grown so much in the last three years, and can honestly say that I am proud of the woman I have become. Life is such a journey, and with mistakes I’ve made, triumphs, struggles, and successes that I have achieved, I know that I still have work to do, but I am loving every moment of my Fab and Ravenous Life! Continue reading “It’s My 3-Year Blog Anniversary!”

Vegan Ranch Dressing Recipe! Quick and Easy!

As promised, I said that I would share my homemade Vegan ranch recipe with you guys. I mentioned this in my last post where I made the Sweet N Spicy Cauliflower Bites. (You can find that recipe HERE). If you know me, then you know that I absolutely LIVE for dips and sauces. I am totally that person that drowns her food in dressings, and dips my chips way too deep in any dipping sauce. You do NOT wanna share chips and dip with me I promise! Just ask my husband or sisters. I just prefer my food a bit…wet. ;p  Anyway, because I love dips and dressings, lately I have been making my own, and wanted to share the vegan ranch recipe that I found that only requires 3 main ingredients. Just 3! Continue reading “Vegan Ranch Dressing Recipe! Quick and Easy!”

Sweet and Spicy Cauliflower Bites! Vegan and Good AF!

Hey Fabbies! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some of my favorite vegan recipes on this blog. I do A LOT of cooking these days, and share my cooking pretty often on my Snapchat and Insta-story. (My Snapchat and Instagram names are the same: fabandravenous if you’re interested.) Whenever I do share what I am cooking, I always get messages asking for the recipe. That has prompted me to begin blogging my recipes often here on my blog, which brings me to today’s recipe, which are the so so yummy Sweet and Spicy Cauliflower “Wings”, that are all vegan, and BEYOND fantastic! Continue reading “Sweet and Spicy Cauliflower Bites! Vegan and Good AF!”

Look Of The Week!

Last weekend, my family and I went out to dinner to our favorite Ethiopian restaurant, GoJo, and this of course gave me the perfect excuse to wear something fun. (Rule #1, always look for a reason to wear something fun. ;p) Anyway, I opted to wear a halter neck jumpsuit that I’ve had for over a year now, and have never worn. What’s great about this jumpsuit is that the material is soft and stretchy, and it has a super long inseam of about 36 inches, which meant even with my heels on, the pant legs still came to the floor. One of my favorite places to shop that caters to tall gals like myself is That is where the fabulous jumpsuit that I chose to wear for dinner came from! I love Alloy because they have extra long inseams on their jeans, dresses, and jumpsuits, and all at an afffordable price! Continue reading “Look Of The Week!”