Being A Mom Is So Awesome! But It’s Hard Sometimes!

Happy Weekend! I’m sure many moms out there can share the wonderful stories about how wonderful and fulfilling being a mother can be. Your kid is born, and you are overcome with so much joy! Your kid bears a striking resemblance of either you or your significant other (or other family member), they shower you with kisses when they’re toddlers, you cheer as they hit those milestones, and you are so proud when they accomplish new feats. Like, if they win an award at school, you’re just so proud of them you can hardly stand it! If you’re having a bad day, just looking into your kid’s sweet little face sometimes can make your world that much better instantaneously. There’s no denying, that being a mom, watching your child is like watching your own heart beat outside of your chest.
But as a mother, instinctively, we worry. The bouncing baby is born, and now, you have to take care of it, raise it be the best human being ever, and go out conquer the world! So this means, I’m gonna stare at the baby while it sleeps to make sure that it doesn’t pass away in its sleep. You’ve heard about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), so now you’re terrified that your newborn could die at any minute that it’s sleeping.
Even though you may be tired as ever, it’s hard to get real rest when you have a newborn. You’re too anxious to sleep, or you have to catch up on housework or other important stuff like eating. Then, you have to feed the baby (and if you’re breastfeeding, you may have anxiety about whether you’re producing enough milk.) Or you wonder if they’re eating enough. Or are they having enough poopie diapers? Ahhh the anxiety!

And then these babies grow into cute, bright-eyed toddlers who begin to speak real words! How proud are you?!
But there are those times when they may be naughty little boogers. Or want to whine all day. Or use crayons and write on the wall. Or they have a little too much fun with the toilet paper and want to decorate the inside of the toilet with it. Oh, have you ever potty trained a toddler? If you ever want to test how much patience you have on any given day, just begin potty training a toddler. Because let me tell ya: They are going to test every fiber of patience that you have! Some days, you may be so tired that you think you’re gonna pass out. Like, you may just drop on the floor and faint because you’re just that tired. You can’t see straight, you forget where you put things, you’re hungry, but can’t eat at the moment because you have to tend to the kids right now!

Then kids grow up, and they have to go to school. Then you have anxiety about leaving them for the first time. And you wonder: “Are they okay?” “Are they making any friends?” “Are the teachers nice to her/him?” “Are they learning at a good pace?”

And then, they continue to grow up.

Now new worries present themselves. “Will they make the team?” “Are they being bullied?” “Do they feel good about themselves?””Are they behaving themselves?”

And let’s not even discuss the injuries that inevitably happen when a kid is growing up. Falling off their bike, scraping their knees somehow, emergency room visits, (God I hope I never have to take my kids to the emergency room!), stitches, sprains, bloody wounds, and everything in between.

Then your precious child becomes a teenager. So now, they’re hanging out with their friends, going to parties, and they eventually have to drive. A real car. On the same road with adults. So when they are out of your sight, you worry about their safety. You worry that they are making the right decisions. You worry that they are representing themselves and your family in a positive light. You have to have the hard talks about puberty and life with them. For their entire lives, you try to mold their little minds into them being kind, caring, smart, independent thinking individuals.

No pressure, eh?

And from what I’ve heard from my own mother, even as your kid becomes an adult, well out of your house and beginning their own lives, your parent worries don’t change! “Are they safe?” “Are they making the right decisions?” “Are they happy?”

As moms, our social media posts don’t always reflect how hard it can be, being a mom. The emotional roller coasters your kid can take you on. The level of patience that’s tested time and again. The guilt you may feel when you’re a working mom, and have to miss out on certain things. The worry you have. The days where yes, you even feel like “Am I doing a good job as a mother?!” The days you are so tired that you fantasize about days where you can just stay in bed ALL. DAY. LONG. These are all real feelings, that I’m sure a lot of moms can agree that they’ve had a time or two. Of course, on social media, we just post how great being a mom is! “Oh! I just love my kid so much” or “look how great my kid is” posts.
But here’s the reality: Being a mom is a tough job. And it’s a job that never ends until “death do you all part”.

As a mom, you’re gonna worry. You’re gonna have sleepless nights. You may wanna run away and hide for an hour sometimes (or longer depending on what type of day you’ve had lol!)
But as cliché as it is, it truly is so rewarding. You were chosen to be your kid’s mom. To experience the highs and lows of motherhood. To prepare your kid (along with their father if he’s in the picture) for this big scary world that’s out there. The great thing about motherhood is that it teaches you a lot about yourself. It teaches you look at the world from your child’s perspective. It teaches you that guess what? You have more patience that you even imagined! It teaches that you are probably stronger (emotionally and physically) than you ever thought possible.  Yes, being a mom can be hard sometimes. It’s totally okay to admit that. Just do the best that you can, and make wonderful memories along the way. Because one day, those little boogers who’ve occupied tons of space in your brain, will leave the nest, and make new memories of their own. (And take up new space in your brain as you worry about them as adults lol!)You just have to hope and pray that you’ve prepared them the best way you know how. 🙂





6 thoughts on “Being A Mom Is So Awesome! But It’s Hard Sometimes!

  1. Thank you a million times for this! ❤️ No one else will ever truly know what we experience with our babies (both amazing and challenging ;)) but they're OUR babies and worth every second of lost sleep and insanity haha


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