My name is Raven Douglas-Roberts, and I have a passion for fash…for LIFE IN GENERAL! Lol! I love adventure! I want to try everything at least once! I am also a mother of 2 energetic toddlers, and am married to Chris Douglas-Roberts, who is a veteran NBA player. After having been with Chris nearly a decade, we have moved from state-to-state almost every year, and even lived in Italy for a year! It was there I also gave birth to my daughter, Zé in December 2011. I later had my son, Vito, in Texas in March 2013. I have moved around quite a bit, have met some amazing people along the way, and have been fortunate enough to experience the different sights and sounds of many cities across the nation. I started this blog 2 years ago to share little pieces of my life, as well as perspective on topics I feel are relevant and important. I am also lover of fashion and wine, and feel that the two can be brighten up anyone’s day at any given moment. 🙂  “Fab and Ravenous” is essentially what describes me as a whole:
“fabulous, and very eager for food, satisfaction, or gratification”. I just want to live life happily, and fabulously. 😉

I also have a video blog on YouTube, “The Fab and Ravenous Life”,  MY VLOG where you can keep up with me and my family there as well! Enjoy!



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