I Haven’t Blogged Since March! Life Update!

Hey There Fabbies! Wow! What a year right? 2020 has proven to be one big unpredictable never-ending rollercoaster. The last time I posted was at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. The world was just beginning to go on lock down, and mandates were put into place all over the world. At this time the mandate of wearing protective face masks was beginning to be … Continue reading I Haven’t Blogged Since March! Life Update!

Homeschool Life With Zé and Vito

Happy Friday Fabbies! It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on “Motherhood”. And actually, today’s post is more about childhood than motherhood, but you will see what I mean as you continue reading. If you read my blog post on how we moved to Mexico a few months back, then you saw that I mentioned that we homeschool Zé and Vito, and have been ‘formally’ homeschooling them since 2017. And I say “formally”, because 2017 is the year that Zé started kindergarten, so that is when Supreme and I began implementing specific lesson plans if you will. Before then, he and I would just teach the kids the basics such as learning to write their names (when they were like 2 and 3), sight words with flash cards, practicing writing their letters and handwriting, and so on:

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My Family’s Recent Trip To The State Fair, & How Seeing Your Kids Happy Brings You Unexplainable Joy!

Happy November Fabbies! It’s my birthday month! Whoo hoooooo! Anyway, more on birthday fun later. A few weeks ago, my hubby and I took Zé and Vito to the Arizona State Fair. We have been to carnivals and state fairs in other states in the past, including the State Fair of Texas a few years ago when the kids were very young. During that time, Vito was still an infant and breastfeeding, so of course he doesn’t remember, and Zé was not even two yet, so the time spent at the fair then was more about letting them see the lights while I pushed them in their double stroller, and Zé got a chance to get run around for a bit before she got tired. Continue reading “My Family’s Recent Trip To The State Fair, & How Seeing Your Kids Happy Brings You Unexplainable Joy!”

My 5-Year Old Told Me She Wants Boobs!

Hey Fabbies! Okay so let’s just get right to it. The other day, I was bending down tying Zé’s shoe (in the process of teaching her, but that’s a whole ‘nother story), so my chest was hovering over her. I was wearing a v-neck shirt, so the little cleavage that I have was pressed against my knees, making me look like a buxom, busty goddess! (Okay maybe not. Let’s just pretend that’s how I looked.)  Zé points to my chest and says “Mom, those are your boobs. I want boobs!” Somebody, please pour me a drink. Continue reading “My 5-Year Old Told Me She Wants Boobs!”

Flashback Friday!

Happy Friday Fabbies! I’ve had a rather busy week. I’ve been designing and getting things in order for my online store, (It’s coming! I promise! Stay tuned! :), editing, and of course doing the usual mom/wife/household duties. Anyway, as I was editing my wedding video (if you haven’t watched it yet, you totally should! It’s on my channel HERE) over the last few weeks, I stumbled across old pictures from years ago, and thought I’d share a few with you! Continue reading “Flashback Friday!”

Being A Mom Is So Awesome! But It’s Hard Sometimes!

Happy Weekend! I’m sure many moms out there can share the wonderful stories about how wonderful and fulfilling being a mother can be. Your kid is born, and you are overcome with so much joy! Your kid bears a striking resemblance of either you or your significant other (or other family member), they shower you with kisses when they’re toddlers, you cheer as they hit … Continue reading Being A Mom Is So Awesome! But It’s Hard Sometimes!

It’s My One Year Blog-a-versary!!!

Hey Fabbies!! Yesterday marked the One Year Anniversary of me writing this blog! It has been a Fab and Ravenous year for sure! Since starting this blog in May of 2014, I have moved from Charlotte, North Carolina, back to Frisco, Texas, and then to Los Angeles, California, which is where I currently am now. A heck of a whole lot can happen in a … Continue reading It’s My One Year Blog-a-versary!!!