My 5-Year Old Told Me She Wants Boobs!

Hey Fabbies! Okay so let’s just get right to it. The other day, I was bending down tying Zé’s shoe (in the process of teaching her, but that’s a whole ‘nother story), so my chest was hovering over her. I was wearing a v-neck shirt, so the little cleavage that I have was pressed against my knees, making me look like a buxom, busty goddess! (Okay maybe not. Let’s just pretend that’s how I looked.)  Zé points to my chest and says “Mom, those are your boobs. I want boobs!” Somebody, please pour me a drink. Continue reading “My 5-Year Old Told Me She Wants Boobs!”


Flashback Friday!

Happy Friday Fabbies! I’ve had a rather busy week. I’ve been designing and getting things in order for my online store, (It’s coming! I promise! Stay tuned! :), editing, and of course doing the usual mom/wife/household duties. Anyway, as I was editing my wedding video (if you haven’t watched it yet, you totally should! It’s on my channel HERE) over the last few weeks, I stumbled across old pictures from years ago, and thought I’d share a few with you! Continue reading “Flashback Friday!”

Being A Mom Is So Awesome! But It’s Hard Sometimes!

Happy Weekend! I’m sure many moms out there can share the wonderful stories about how wonderful and fulfilling being a mother can be. Your kid is born, and you are overcome with so much joy! Your kid bears a striking resemblance of either you or your significant other (or other family member), they shower you with kisses when they’re toddlers, you cheer as they hit … Continue reading Being A Mom Is So Awesome! But It’s Hard Sometimes!

It’s My One Year Blog-a-versary!!!

Hey Fabbies!! Yesterday marked the One Year Anniversary of me writing this blog! It has been a Fab and Ravenous year for sure! Since starting this blog in May of 2014, I have moved from Charlotte, North Carolina, back to Frisco, Texas, and then to Los Angeles, California, which is where I currently am now. A heck of a whole lot can happen in a … Continue reading It’s My One Year Blog-a-versary!!!

Don’t You Wish Santa Claus Was Real?

Hey ya’ll! Happy Holidays and all that good stuff!! Is everyone done Christmas Shopping? I certainly am. Anyway, Christmas is tomorrow, and typically during the holidays, I tend to get all nostalgic and think about the many great memories I had during childhood, like how I eagerly anticipated the coming of Christmas, and the man of the hour, Santa Claus. Ahhh Santa Claus. The man … Continue reading Don’t You Wish Santa Claus Was Real?

First Week in Los Angeles, CA!

Hey y’all! So last Tuesday, the kids and I hopped on a plane, said goodbye to Dallas, TX, and headed West to LA. Since I landed then, I’ve hit the ground running. Chris’s basketball season officially began October 30th, and he’s had a string of home games. So my first week in LA has been summed up with attending his games, getting familiar with the … Continue reading First Week in Los Angeles, CA!