I Changed My Hair Again! (And Again) And What Does My Husband Think of My Ever-Changing Look?

Hey Fabbies! Happy Fabulous Friday! You all already know that I love changing and having fun with my hair. I mean, I have a whole category on my blog titled “Hairstyles” that shows the different things I’ve done over the years. And some way or another, over time I have learned to dye/braid/weave ponytail my own hair. Thanks to the wonderment that is YouTube, Hair and Braiding Tutorials have become my best friend, and I have basically taught myself how to bleach, braid, and dye my own hair. Now, I am in no way saying that I am this hair guru or some professional, but I have been happy with the outcome of my hair experiments, and have continued to have fun with my ever-changing looks! Continue reading “I Changed My Hair Again! (And Again) And What Does My Husband Think of My Ever-Changing Look?”


Let’s Get Lost In The Drama of Hair!

Who’s in the mood for some hair talk? I am going on month 2 now with sporting my green hair, and know that sometime in March, it will be time to change my hair color. I mean, one cannot just keep green hair the entire year! As of today, I have no idea what color or style that I want to do next, so during these times, I love to browse Instagram and Pinterest for hair inspiration. Well over the past few days, I have found more than just inspiration–I have found art! Continue reading “Let’s Get Lost In The Drama of Hair!”

My Year 2016 In Hairstyles!

Happy New Year almost! Okay it’s not quite the New Year yet, but I wanted to do a post on my various hairstyles, hair colors, and just all around craziness that I have done with my hair for the entire year of 2016 as we come to a close. Year after year, I continue to have fun with my hair, by experimenting with colors, braids, twists, and really just whatever I feel I am in the mood for. (You can look back at some of my hairstyles over the last few years here: https://fabandravenous.com/category/hairstyles/. I honestly color and bleach my hair with reckless abandon. If the dye says keep it on your hair for 20 minutes, I typically push it to 40 minutes. I know I know! My hair is gonna fall out right?! Haha ehhh…if it does then I’ll just start over and do something more fabulous. I do try to take care of my hair  by washing/moisturizing/deep conditioning it as best as I can, but I’m no hair expert when it comes to the healthfulness of one’s hair. I just kind of…go. Continue reading “My Year 2016 In Hairstyles!”

I Took My Braids Out!

Happy Friday Fabbies! After having my pink, individual braids for two and a half months, I decided it was time to take them out! (You can watch me getting my hair done on my YouTube vlog here). As the temperatures continue to rise here in Arizona, the braids were just too much hair for that heat! Last week the temperatures reached 118 degrees! We take the kids outside almost every single day to play in the pool if we’re at home, and I usually swim with the kids too. So all of the (luxurious lol) braids were just a bit too much. I am so proud of myself though, because that’s the long est I’ve kept braids (or any hairstyle for that matter) in my hair in a loooong time! Continue reading “I Took My Braids Out!”

What Color Should I Dye My Hair For My Wedding?!

Hey Fabbies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th of July weekend! And for all of my fabbies overseas and not in the U.S., I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend too! So, as our wedding quickly approaches, I’m narrowing down different hairstyles for the big walk down the aisle. I have a few things in mind (updo, cleaned up side poof,  low side … Continue reading What Color Should I Dye My Hair For My Wedding?!

New Hair Color Alert! (And a Few Pics from My Recent Trip!)

Hello All! I recently returned from an 8 Day trip to the South to see my family and friends. So with Ze and Vito in tow, we stopped in Dallas, Texas for a few days, then flew over to my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi to celebrate my Grandmother’s 80th birthday! It was such a wonderful trip all the way around, but it was in Dallas … Continue reading New Hair Color Alert! (And a Few Pics from My Recent Trip!)

New Hair Style Alert!

Hey Y’all! I have a new hairstyle!! I recently got Senegalese Twists installed, by the fabulous Kyron. Kyron specializes in braiding, twisting, dreadlocks, and maintaining healthy hair. She is based in LA, and has a very impressive resume’, including celebrity clients such as Lupita Nyong’o, Kerry Washington, Tamar Braxton, Mary Mary, and more! (Instagram name: HoneyCombNCoil). They are waist length, and they are FAB!

Continue reading “New Hair Style Alert!”