Outfit Ideas For Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! So today is the day where we maybe eat more than we ever would over any other time of the year. Families get together and throw down in the kitchen, and there’s more than enough food to go around. Because of this, we must choose what we wear to see our fabulous families wisely! Since you’re gonna eat a lot, you should absolutely wear a looser fitting top. You don’t want to walk around the house having everyone think you’re pregnant after you finished eating because you have on such a tight-fitting shirt. Ever heard of the term “food baby’? This just means that you ate so much food that your stomach looks pregnant. Happens to all of us! So to mask those bloated tummies, just wear a looser top.

Below I’ve shown a few different looks for Thanksgiving Day, with the theme being oversized or loose fitting sweaters. If you’re wearing something loose on the top, then your pants can be more fitted. (Elastic waist pants on Thanksgiving will be your best friend! lol!)

Here are some of my faves:

Monochrome look:

Nobody has time to fuss with their on a day where you’re planning to fight for a plate! So throw a hat and some sunglasses on and you’re good to go.


Oversized sweater, chic booties, faux leather leggings. Some comfy!


I love the chandelier earrings here. And ripped jeans are always a good idea. Tunic sweater is the perfect length for covering a full belly!


These ripped “jeans” are actually leggings. So the waist band is elastic.


One of my faves! Throw your hair in a topknot or messy bun with this look, and you’re done. And those boyfriend jeans complete the look perfectly!


Just a little outfit inspiration for the day. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!! xoxo

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My name is Raven Douglas-Roberts, and I am creative genius. No really, just you wait. ;p I started this blog in May 2014 as an outlet to share pieces of my life, things I have learned from motherhood and life, and my expertise in all things fashion! I want to taste, feel and explore everything, and this blog is a creative outlet for me to do just that. I also am a designer, happily married to Chris, and have 2 amazing (isn't that what all moms call their kids? "Amazing"?) kids Zé (5) and Vito (4). I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I love sharing! xoxo -Raven

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