A Week In White!

Hey Fabbies! As many of you know, I’m gearing up for my vacay/wedding week in Costa Rica this week. We leave Tuesday night (we have a red eye so the kids can sleep the first leg of the trip). For the trip, I’ve packed lots of bright colors and prints to wear all week long, as Costa Rica is a tropical/rain forest type of country, so I figured the more colors the better! But while packing for my trip, which I began casually doing a week or so ago, I realized that I have ALOT of white clothes. Pants, dresses, tops, shorts, even shoes! So I decided, why not wear white all week long, leading up to my departure, since I’m going to be a blushing bride!

So for the beginning of the week, I had a spa appointment, and I opted to wear an off the shoulder lace dress, floral headpiece, and gladiator flat sandals. Super comfy outfit I must say:

Dress: ? (I bought this dress 2 summers ago and have never worn it until now!)
shoes: Urbanog.com
Headpiece: f21



The next day, I had to run just a few short errands, and after that, I went to my seamstress to finally pick up my wedding dress and veil! Ahhh I can’t wait to post pictures of my dress! In due time! 😉

Anyway, I opted to wear a simple tank, high waist skinny jeans that are ripped at the knee, and some of my favorite pumps by my favorite shoe designer, Aminah Abdul Jillil:
Tank: H&M
Ripped high waist jeans: Fashionnova.com
Pink bow pumps: Aminah Jill
Vito had just woken up from a nap here, and found me taking selfies before I left the house lol


The mandatory car selfie. Sunglasses are from amazon.com

The next day was the day the kids go to their weekly art class. I was like “ahhhh I can’t wear white today! They’ll get paint on me!” But I was determined to keep up my “Week In White”, so I opted to be super comfortable, sporting my man’s #DCTG t-shirt and white running shorts. Immediately after Art class, the kids go to the nearby park, so this was a perfect ensemble for that day:


Shirt: #DCTG
Shorts: Nike
Slides: Nike
Here’s my little partner in crime again lol

For my next outing, I had to go one of my favorite stores ever in life, Target, and the mall to get my ring cleaned. I had the kids with me, as the mall is one of their favorite places to go because they have a ride-on “choo choo train” as they call it. I wore a long-sleeved tunic, and light blue jean shorts, paired with some ankle-strap wedges:

Tunic: gojane.com
shorts: f21
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


There’s Vito again lol! He’s definitely my shadow haha! (And this was with flat sandals. I decided I wanted to wear wedges that day so tossed the flats.)

The next day I had to pick up a few things for our trip, including snacks for the kids, cheap, dollar store toys that they can play with on the airplane, (the fact that they’re “new” toys is what gets them so excited, thus keeping them occupied. So they can break by the time we land and I wouldn’t care lol!) I also had to run to the post office and UPS. For this day of errand running, I paired a ruffled white top and grey cut off denim shorts:


Top: Ardenb (Which is now closed. That used to be my store!)
Shorts: fashionnova.com
Sandal sneaker: Nike
This time, no Vito. He was probably still napping lol

And finally, earlier today, I had a mani/pedi appointment. For this, I opted to wear a white sundress with ruffled sleeves, and flat white blinged out sandals:

Dress: Asos.com
Shoes: Unionbay


The back of the dress was just as fun as the front lol

So that sums up my week in white! I don’t think I’ve ever worn so much white in my life! But this is the time to do it I suppose. Ironically enough, I think I’m even wearing white tomorrow when we go on the plane, but I’m not really sure yet. I have to consider that I’ll be surrounded by two boisteruous toddlers. Although, with us taking a red eye, they will probably sleep the first leg of the trip. Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I’ll be sure to squeeze one more post in before we leave tomorrow night! I’m all set and ready to go!


4 replies to “A Week In White!

  1. I absolutely love how you wore white all week!!! Looking beautiful as always!!! Have a safe safe trip!!! Can't wait to see your Wedding dress and all the wedding pics!!!! Have fun & Enjoy!!! ����


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