My New Obsession!

Happy Weekend Fabbies! I have to share with you guys what my newest obsession is. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I sometimes have new obsessions from time to time. Well the newest thing that I’m crazy for these days are headpieces. A headpiece is basically a headband, but you wear them across your forehead, and they can be a bit more elaborate. A headpiece is an accessory, and a girl’s gotta have accessories! The reason that I love accessories so much is because you can literally bring any old boring outfit to life with the right accessory. And headpieces are perfect, because they can help with dressing up your outfit, and also, helping with a bad hair day!

Since I’ve always been a big fan of hats, it was probably natural that I would love headpieces as well. What started my new love for headpieces was that I was casually shopping online a few weeks ago, and came across some really cute headpieces on I was like, “ooooh that would be such a fun thing to wear!” See, the great thing about headpieces, is that they come in different finishes, from lace, to metal, to cloth, etc. I started to look at some of my favorite online stores as well, and began searching the accessory section so I could see if they had headpieces too.  Well almost all of my favorite sites did, and they were so cute AND inexpensive, so I was hooked!

In the last few weeks I’ve worn a headpiece almost every time I put on an outfit to leave the house. At this point, they’re pretty much synonymous with wearing a necklace. I just love them!
Below, I have shown myself in different looks wearing different headpieces over the last few weeks. In the captions I also include where the headpieces are from!

Last week running errand with the kids. Art class, lunch, groceries, etc. Silver leaf chain head piece from


Wearing Chris’s clothing line #DCTG sweats and floral white headpiece from



Gold embellished headpiece from


lace mint headpiece from


headpiece from


Headpiece from Headed to my wedding dress fitting. (It fits like a glove by the way!)

If you noticed, my hairstyle didn’t really change whenever I wore the headpieces. Just a center part and low bun, throw on the headpiece and I’m done with my hair! How awesome is that?! Literally takes like 5 minutes. This is another reason that I love wearing hats, because the prep time is cut down when you don’t have to fuss over your hair. And for that reason, headpieces are here to stay!

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