How To Wear Monochromatic Outfits

Happy Weekend Fabbies! Well February just about came and went didn’t it?! How are we so close to March already?! Lately I have been looking over my old blog posts, (which, it’s also crazy to me that I have been blogging for almost four years now! Ya’ll have basically been watching my kids grow up on here! That’s so incredible to me!) Anyway, I have been looking at which posts you guys seem to enjoy reading the most, so that way I know what topics I should post more of. And food and fashion pretty much reign supreme on here. So because of that, I decided to start the week off with some fashion inspiration for you! This post features fabulous outfits that are all monochromatic colors. And if you’re are not familiar with the term “monochromatic” as it pertains to fashion, it just simply means wearing the same color from head to toe, or just wearing the same or similar shades of color all over. I’m sure at some point we all have worn black all over, but monochromatic looks are not just limited to the color black! Some people may shy away from wearing the same color allover, especially if it is a bright color. It may be a fear of wearing “too much” color. Like, is that even a thing? Fearing too much color? Well I’m here to tell you: In fashion, there is NO SUCH THING as “too much”! Fashion is a form of art, so whatever you choose to wear, it’s YOUR art in a sense. And if you aren’t having fun every time you get dressed, then what are you even doing?! And wearing monochromatic colors is so much fun, and so chic! Take a look at the outfits I put together, and see if you see any that you like:



Cute and casual look. You can ditch the boots for grey sneakers if you want to really get into some comfortable vibes.


Such a cute look for dinner, shopping, or whatever. The pants are beyond fab!


Ya’ll know I love this! Barbie vibes for sure, just missing the pink corvette! This outfit is great for a night out for drinks or for date night.


I. Want. This. Now!


Yes to this look! It’s feminine yet cool, and perfect for night out for drinks with your girls, or lunch/dinner. Also makes a cute date night outfit.

Sidenote: Do you guys remember when I was preparing for my wedding in Costa Rica, and I wore white for an entire week leading up until our trip?! In case you missed it, you can check that out HERE.


This is one of my favorite looks out of all the monochromatic looks. Perfect for date night, girls night, lunch, dinner, shopping, etc. Love!


The brunch look you always wanted. *Swoons*

Black Sequins

Welcome to the disco! This jumpsuit is EVERYTHING! Definitely perfect for any nighttime event you have to go to. Dinner, date night, partying…


This whole look screams 1970’s, and that is that is definitely my favorite era for fashion! I’d wear this to business meetings or dinner. So chic!


I love the color green. This looks reminds me of something that Whitley Gilbert from A Different World would wear.


This look is ultra feminine and sexy. Perfect for brunch!


I love a good blazer. This entire look screams “I’m a Boss!”

Paint  Splattere

I would totally wear this to run errands or shopping, for a lunch date, or anywhere. How cute are the paint-splattered sneakers though?!

Did you see any looks that you would rock? I love wearing color all over! One of my favorite monochromatic looks that I have rocked involves my favorite color: Pink!

Comfy sweats, pink hair and heels. Basically my favorite outfit ever!

Have a Fab and Ravenous Week guys! And don’t be afraid to add some color into your wardrobe this week! It will lift your mood and have you feeling fabulous!


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