Flashback Friday!

Happy Friday Fabbies! I’ve had a rather busy week. I’ve been designing and getting things in order for my online store, (It’s coming! I promise! Stay tuned! :), editing, and of course doing the usual mom/wife/household duties. Anyway, as I was editing my wedding video (if you haven’t watched it yet, you totally should! It’s on my channel HERE) over the last few weeks, I stumbled across old pictures from years ago, and thought I’d share a few with you!

If you’re new to this blog and me (hey girl hey!), then I’ll give you a quick history of when I lived abroad: I got pregnant with my daughter Zé in the Spring of 2011. That Fall, my (now) husband took a job to play professional basketball in Bologna, Italy. That was in October of 2011. So Chris and I packed up our loft in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and moved to Italy! I was 7 months pregnant! Can you imagine?! Lol! The crazy part is, at that time, I did not even realize how big of a deal it was to be moving overseas, pregnant with my first child, (and subsequently giving birth naturally the day before my due date), & navigating my way through motherhood in an unfamiliar country. Looking back, that was quite an adventure, but one that I would not trade for anything in the world!

Zé was born December 12, 2011, in Bologna, Italy. (Because she was born there, she also has dual citizenship and can live in Italy or USA if she ever wants to.) When she was about 8 weeks old, Chris and I were ready to take her to the park that was near our house. This park was huge and BEAUTIFUL! I have such fond memories of jogging in this park or taking Zé for long walks, being amazed at the beauty all around me, ahhh…Anyway, it was winter time then, so Chris and I bundled Zé in her cozy bear suit, put her in her stroller, and went for a walk. I distinctly remember pushing the stroller around, (and then watching Chris push the stroller so I could attempt to jog for a little bit), looking at Zé and thinking: “wow, I’m really a mom! Look at us! Chris and I are parents! Holy cow!” So of course, we took pictures:


Checking to make sure she’s okay for the thousandth time.




Of course, as a newborn, she probably slept the majority of the time we were there!

These pictures warm my heart so much! And it also shows me just how fast time flies, because this upcoming December Zé turns 5 years old! Lord! Pass me some tissue!

Have a great weekend!


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