It’s My One Year Wedding Anniversary!

Happy Monday! One year ago today, Chris and I got married in Costa Rica! I cannot believe that it’s already been one year. I remember weeks before the wedding, running around and getting everything together, stressing over family members and their passports, stressing over my second dress not being ready in time enough…(by the way, my second dress made it to Los Angeles (where we were living at the time), the day we were leaving for Costa Rica! Talk about drama!)

But in all, our wedding turned out beautifully, and one year later, we are still very much happy and honeymooning! Ha!

Also, for our anniversary, I put together a special wedding recap on my YouTube page, which will post at 8:00 pm Central Standard Time tonight![UPDATED!] LINK BELOW!  It will basically take you on a journey that follows me and my family as we travel to Costa Rica, party, get married, and just have a ball! I truly enjoyed editing the video and reliving those special moments, and am so happy to be able to share those moments with all of you. So if you haven’t already, subscribe to my channel, “The Fab and Ravenous Life” on YouTube, and you’ll be notified when it posts!

I am so excited to continue this thing called life with Chris, and am looking forward to making many more exciting memories!



Link Here:

Costa Rica Wedding Week!


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