LASIK Surgery Update: 2 Years Later

Since I was about 14 years old, I had worn glasses and contact lens due to me being near-sighted. I rarely wore my glasses, and mainly just wore my contacts since I was a multi-sport athlete. So basically, for over half my life I battled occasional dry eyes, itchy eyes, and sometimes red eyes due to wearing my contacts way too long, (sometimes I would sleep in them for days before giving my eyes a break. I know I know, I was being bad.) Beginning in 2010, I had begun to move around quite a bit due to Chris’s work, and dealing with refilling prescriptions, on top of issues with contacts had begun to get old and annoying! So I began researching LASIK eye surgery, because I was determined to ditch glasses and contacts for good.  

Last month I just had my two year anniversary from when I had my LASIK eye surgery! (I actually blogged all about it, you can read it HERE). I recently cleaned out my cabinets, and ran across an old contact lens case, and decided to update my readers on how my eyesight has been two years post surgery!
About 36 hours after my surgery, my vision was pretty crystal clear. I had to continue to use eye drops for two weeks after surgery to help with dryness, and honestly, every since then, I haven’t looked back. My vision is better than 20/20, (and has been since the surgery), and I have not had any complications whatsoever.

Since my LASIK surgery back in August 2014, I have traveled TONS, including moving across country to 2 different states, and have even been out of the country (for my wedding last year). Not having to deal with buying contact solution, buying contact lenses, finding a new eye doctor in each city, etc, has been a DREAM! I am seriously so happy that I made the decision to get the surgery, and would certainly do it again in a heartbeat. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner!

Because this post is about eyes, I tried to find some cute selfies showing my eyes up close. (Thank you Snapchat filter gods! lol!)



I would certainly recommend LASIK to anyone who is thinking about it, and would suggest that you do your research on doctors and specialists!


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