It’s Been A While! But I’m Back!

Hey Fabbies! I hope everyone has had a fantastic last couple of weeks! Over the last few weeks since I’ve had my mini break from blogging, I’ve begun to pack up my house a bit, as we are moving to LA very soon. So there are boxes everywhere, and my house is looking more and more bare. I’ve also gotten several inches of my hair cut, and then dyed red! (Ya’ll know I change my hair often.) So right now I’m rocking a bob with bangs:

Vito smothering me with kisses 🙂




And in the midst of packing and emptying the house, I managed to have a girls night slash slumber party. During the day, the kids played and ran around the house while my sister Tamika and my friend Ordene and I ate junk food and ordered a yummy (meatless) pizza. What’s a slumber party without junk food!

Peep the flaming hot cheetos and champagne lol


And as day turned into night, we changed into our matching onesies, put the kids to bed (well, except my nephew Cisco, who has a later bedtime), and just had a ball!




That was such a fun night! And thank God I didn’t have a stomach ache the next day from eating all that junk! (Or maybe I did? And just can’t remember lol).

I also have been on quite a spree of trying new recipes! I’ve made a quite a few new dishes that I’m completely in love with, and that I will share with you guys very soon. Now one of my dishes came out tasting like notebook paper, so I won’t share that recipe lol. (I mean seriously, it was so bland tasting! That was a good example of not following the recipe line by line, but incorporating your own style instead.) But I digress. I’ve been quite the busy little bee, but have absolutely not forgotten about my fabbies!

Fall is also here, so I’m excited about that as well, as it is my favorite season, because my birthday (next month), is in the Fall, plus the holidays soon follow, and basketball season is in full swing by then. It’s just such a wonderful time of year! Anyway, I hope all of my readers have been happy and healthy over the last few weeks, and I’m happy to be back after my short little hiatus!

And just for fun, Let’s go Clippers!

Have a great weekend!

2 replies to “It’s Been A While! But I’m Back!

  1. I'm addicted to your Blogs!!! I love the fact that you share everyday life with everyone! You are so amazing and have a beautiful family!!! It was great meeting Chris, we hope to meet you one day! �� ~Megan


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