What A Difference A Year Makes!

Happy Hump Day Fabbies! So today my friend Ordene and I met up for our usual weekly playdate, and today we decided to go to a Kids Aquarium located inside of a huge shopping mall. (Sidenote: We love to meet here for playdates because it’s a super kid friendly mall, it’s almost always empty during the morning hours, and they have a Chili’s inside the mall where we always have lunch and a cocktail or 2. It’s totally our favorite place to go!) Anyway, as we walked around the aquarium, it was then that I realized that just a year ago, Ordene and I met at that very same aquarium for what would be the first of many playdates! But what’s even crazier, is that in just one year’s time, the kids have grown SO MUCH.
Just last year, Vito had just turned 7 months old, and Zé was about 21 months old. I had them in their double stroller as we walked around, and I eventually let  get out and run around. I’m sure Vito probably fell asleep during our tour of the aquarium lol. Plus I was still nursing him at the time, so I’m also sure he got grouchy because he got hungry at some point! But today, as I watched the kids roam around the aquarium with their friend, Mia, it was just crazy to see how much had changed since last year. I mean, Vito is walking now! Last year he wasn’t walking! He was still on the boob! And  has gotten so much taller and leaner. They are both talking and are much more engaged than they were last year. It was just such a trip to see. So to show how much of a difference a year makes, below I’ve shown side by side photos of the kids from last year and then this year:

Sept. 2013                          Sept. 2014


Sept. 2013                  Sept. 2014


Sept. 2013                        Sept. 2014


Sept. 2013                          Sept. 2014


Sept. 2013                               Sept. 2014
I mean, last year, Vito had hair. But now, Vito has hair. It’s enough to put in a ponytail! That just goes to prove that a lot can change in a year’s time, especially with growing children. It’s fun to look back at the changes though. Here are more photos from our Aquarium playdate (with lunch afterwards) last year in 2013:


He was so chubby and cuddly! And eating his very first French Fry!




21 months old. And probably begging to get out of the stroller.
And here are extra pics from our playdate today:


Oh hey Ordene! (She hasn’t changed! Probably just thinner! 😉

Today truly showed me that my kids are growing up before my very eyes. It’s such a scary and wonderful feeling all at the same time. I am, however, so glad that I’m “that mom” who takes pictures of everything, because this thing called life is quite a journey, and I’m happy that I can capture moments that helps us relive exactly where we were and how we were feeling! And goodness, what a difference a year makes!

See, just a year ago they weren’t able to hold hands and run together. 🙂

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