Fashionable Meet and Greet Event in Phoenix I Attended!

Hey Fabbies! The other night I got a chance to go to a super fab Meet and Greet event put on by the organizers of Phoenix Fashion Week. They typically put on several events throughout the year, and rightfully so, as Phoenix is the one of the leading markets for Fashion in the Southwest U.S. This particular event was held at the ultra chic MonOrchid art gallery studio, which, according to its website,, “is the city’s premiere interdisciplinary creative hub in the heart of historic downtown. Built within a former warehouse, the studios at monOrchid are a prime setting for commercial and product shoots, modeling, sound recording and filmmaking.”

Photo via

This event was the first fashion event of the year by Phoenix Fashion Week, that brought all kinds of creatives to network, eat appetizers, have drinks, and just soak up the creative energy of the room. Over 200 people were in attendance, including me! While there, I was able to meet some super dope people, from other designers, photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion bloggers, models, and more. The event was jam packed with people who are doing their thing in the fashion world and beyond:

There was a mini bar set up of course.

If you follow me on social media, then you already know that I am launching a Luxury Shoe and Handbag line, called The Raven Collection, so of course I chose to wear my shoes from my line, and carry the matching handbag. (There will be a whole post dedicated to the story behind the Raven Collection later, but just know that 2018 is gonna be an awesome year filled with fabulous shoes and handbags for you to buy!)

For the event I chose to wear a monochromatic look, sporting 3 (not 50) shades of grey:

Hat: Jeans: H&M (although, they won’t be getting anymore coins from me.) Turtleneck: Target, Bag: Raven Collection, Shoes: Raven Collection, Accessories: Fab and Ravenous Boutique

I loved the venue of the Meet and Greet, as there was artwork everywhere! (Which you can see in my photos above. Of course I had to take pictures in front of the artwork!) I felt like I was back in Miami for Art Basel! (That blog post and vlog is coming soon by the way!) Anyway, check out some more of the art:

These paintings have the words “Skitz” and “Bipolar” painted across them.

The event was truly an awesome networking event of fabulous people, where everyone was making connections, handing out business cards, and enjoying the creative vibes in the air:

Met these wonderful swimwear, jewelry, and clothing designers while I was there as well.

(Here are the links to their websites!,, and

Me with Ariana, the owner of Wet Haute Couture, which is her swimwear line that she is launching very soon!

During this event, they also honored designers who have won awards from the most recent Phoenix Fashion Week, which took place back in October. I truly enjoyed the vibes, and had fun meeting other designers as well. Who knew Phoenix was such a thriving, lively, city for creatives who all want to contribute something special to the world? Ahhh truly inspirational. I look forward to going to more of these events, and sharing all of the sights, wonderful people I’ve met, and fierce outfits on this blog!

Have a great week Fabbies!


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