How To Wear Head-to-Toe Prints

Happy Friday Fabbies! I am such a big fan of colors, prints, funky textures and fabrics, and then mixing them altogether. I know this can be a bit much for some to embrace for themselves, but the thing about fashion is, you can literally do whatever the hell you want to do. There are no rules. My life’s motto is “more is more”, so it’s only natural that I would love to combine prints on top of prints on top of prints whenever I can, and for this blog post, I wanted to show you different ways that you can mix prints in your outfit, and not look like you stepped out of clown college!Before I get into the outfit collages that I put together, I wanted to share some photos of myself combining prints. I opted to wear a cropped zebra sweater, loose “jogger” printed pants, my leopard bow pumps, and faux fur “Russian Hat”. While I mixed 3 different prints between my shoes, pants, and top, the prints were all in the same color family, so it worked. I added a pop of color with my blue tassel earrings. (Oh and my nails were blue as well. 😉

Hat: I got it 6 years ago when I was living in Bologna, Italy Top: Pants: Forever21 Leopard Pumps: Aminah Abdu Jillil All Accessories (minus the bracelets) are from my store Fab & Ravenous Boutique

What I love most about this outfit is that it’s comfy. The pants are loose and have movement, and is the perfect outfit to wear to dinner (like I did), a date, meeting your girls for dinner and drinks, or even for a night out.

More Mixed Prints outfit looks:

This outfit works because again, the colors throughout the entire outfit are consistent. While the prints and colors are bold, they work well when paired altogether. A cute outfit for brunch or date night.
I want to wear this outfit NOW! lol! The real star here are the super fabulous stockings/tights. And notice again, the colors are all in the same family.
How classy is this look? Ya’ll know I love a good jumpsuit, and this look is again a comfortable, easy breezy outfit (notice the flats), with of course fab accessories. Wear this to work, then pull up to Happy Hour afterward.
Okay so I love plaid. And this coat dress is EVERYTHING! Can’t you just see yourself all cozied up walking the streets in a cold city slaying everyone’s life?! YAS.
This bohemian chic look is super feminine, but the boots give it a bit of an edge. And the accessories complete the look and bring it all together perfectly. Off to dinner/shopping/drinks/datenight/comedy show you go!
Give me all of this! The theme continues with the consistent colors, and I just love the contrasting sleeves and built-in belt on this dress. And I decided to add 3 rings to this outfit because, well, more is more. 😉 So chic!

When it comes to fashion, the main thing that you need to remember is to have fun with it! If you feel like you’re not quite ready to go all out in head-to-toe prints, then try incorporating at least one printed garment or accessory into your outfit, such as a polka-dotted handbag or animal print top, and the rest of your outfit can be solid colors. And when you’re brave enough, then go all out and mix and match those prints from head to toe like the fashionista you are!

Have a great weekend Fabbie!


One of our kittens, Slick Rick, decided to photobomb my photoshoot. And I didn’t mind one bit because he totally matched my vibe this day. Ha!

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