What To Wear To A “Girls Night” Slumber Party

I remember going to slumber parties when I was younger. Staying up late at night, eating junk food, watching movies, having girl talk. Ahhh the memories! My mom actually threw some pretty awesome slumber parties for me and my sisters as well. My mom would get us in formation to do the soul train line when we were like 10 years old with our friends! We would dance and dance, play in makeup, eat pizza, play games…man! Shoutout to you mom! Anyway, fast forward about 20 years, and now I’m having my very own slumber party this upcoming weekend at my house!

As you know, 11 of some of my friends are coming to visit me for an epic Girls Weekend, and on the last night, we’ll have a teenage-style slumber party, complete with games, yummy food and drinks, (with many Β and “girl talk”. For the occasion, I asked all of my girlfriends to bring cute pajamas so we can really live out the whole slumber party vibe!

Below I’ve created some cute looks that would be totally fabulous to wear to a Girls Night Slumber party:















If you noticed, I added some yummy (vegan hahaha) junk food in the looks along with wine and cocktail glasses, to complete the Girls Night Slumber Party vibe. I can’t wait to see what all of my friends will end up wearing for our slumber party! I will share pictures in future posts on this blog, and of course the entire weekend will be filmed, so it will be on an upcoming vlog episode as well. πŸ™‚

See any looks that you like?

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