The Pros (and Cons) of Having 2 Kids Under 2 Years Old

Hey Fabbies! As many of you know I’m preparing for my big move to LA. Hence the lack of frequent posts. Anyway, as I was beginning to pack my suitcase today, both of my kids decided that they wanted to climb in the suitcase (half filled with shoes and clothes at this point), and sit down in it. They were just chilling and giggling like sitting in a suitcase was the best thing going. I let them sit there for a few minutes before ushering them out so I could finish filling the suitcase. Packing was interrupted a few more times because of them, and it got me to thinking that have 2 toddlers can keep one quite…busy.

I became pregnant with Vito when Ze was just 6 months old. Lots of people would tell me, “oh that’s good! Your kids will be close in age and be able to play together!” Umm, not much playing goes on with a 15 month old and a newborn. Ze would just look at him like, “What is going on with this tiny thing that makes noise??” She’d even poke him sometimes, as I think she thought he was a new toy lol. Now, when Vito began crawling and eventually walking, it was only then that they would begin playing together. And I mean let’s be honest, it’s only so much a crawling baby and a toddler can do together right? But even before the two of them could interact and play with each other, there were definitely other perks of having kids back to back, but there are definitely cons too! I’ve compiled a small list!


  •  Hand me downs! No matter if you have the same gender or not, there are definitely things that you’ve used with your firstborn, that you can use again with your 2nd. In my case, that includes blankets, cribs, shoes, neutral clothing, baby tubs, and so on! Whoop Whoop!
  • The 2nd born may reach milestones a bit quicker, as they are trying to keep up with their older sibling. Now, this isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing, but it’s sometimes just inevitable. In my case, Vito crawled at 5 months because he was trying to follow Ze around the house. He walked at 10 months, trying to keep up with Ze.  And as she learns new words and sentences, Vito is right there repeating the same words right along with her. He also has seen her go through potty training, so I’m hoping once I start him with that, he will pick it up pretty quickly.
  • They do in fact, play together. As soon as Vito was walking well and could run, they have run around the house, terrorized each other, make up their own games, and so on. It’s really neat to watch them actually.
  • They learn the importance of sharing at an early age. Daily I remind the both of them that it’s okay for the other one to play with his/her toy. (After all, the toys really belong to neither of them! The parents buy them! They’re OURS! Lol)
  • Oftentimes if one of my kids gets a cold, the other one for sure will catch it. Same goes with any other illness like stomach virus and the like.
  • Let’s say your child is just being obstinate for no explainable reason. Now throw another obstinate child in there. That’s twice the headache!!
  • It takes a tad bit longer to complete tasks with 2 young children. Bath time, getting ready to leave the house time, etc..
  • If one kid is playing with a toy, the other kid just. has. to. have. it. NOW!! So then bickering or yelling ensues, which causes me to play referee. Almost everyday at some point lol.
I could probably add lots more to both lists, but those are just the immediate things that come to mind when thinking of raising 2 young kids. I definitely have my moments where I am counting down the time until their bedtime (lol!), but more times than not, I truly enjoy watching them grown and watching them with each other. When one is sleep and the other awake, they ask where the other one is. And when that other one wakes up, the joy in their face is priceless. They may bicker everyday or fight over a toy, but they truly do love each other, have so much fun all the time. And well, as a mom, that’s all I could ask for. 🙂


























Double the cuddles, hugs, laughs, cries, and joy. 🙂

8 replies to “The Pros (and Cons) of Having 2 Kids Under 2 Years Old

  1. Raven, ur blog is awesome!! Keep it up.

    With two toddlers of my own, I can definitely relate. The only difference is that my older child is a boy and younger, a girl. But honestly, at this age, like u said, gender makes no difference.

    Daughter chased my son around, so she started walking around 9months or so. I was happy about it at first because I thought she was gonna b like my son (walking to follow daddy). But……..nope! This young lady is a go getter n the worst way lol. Everything that's marked as “off limits” motivates her to grab it and throw as fast as possible lol smdh.

    They require so much attention & energy, but I'm sure u can agree…….wouldn't change it for the world.

    Stay blessed!


  2. I must say you do an awesome job at having children so close in age. I admire you and any other mom who has 2 under the age of 2!

    -Demetria R. Thomas


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