Do You Enjoy Your Own Company?

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! I’ve been somewhat busy this week with playdates, errands, and normal day-to-day mommy duties. Oh, and I also recently got my hair dyed! 🙂 Today I signed Zé up for a dance class. It’s ballet, tap, and jazz? (Listen, I’m more a sports girl, so I’m not completely familiar with all things dance, but hey, she enjoyed the session today so we shall see. I do know one thing though, it’s quite possibly the cutest thing ever!)

Anyway, when my mom was here last week, she asked me about seeing the movie “Eat Pray Love” (that came out back in 2010), and asked did it live up to the hype. What hype? Well, when I first heard that the movie was coming out in theaters, I was SO ectastic, because I had read the book before and loved it, so I just KNEW the movie would be awesome. So the hype was the hype that I created within the people I knew lol. I don’t even know if people were that geeked about the movie besides me! Because I had read the book, and my friends were like, umm, Eat Pray What?, I decided to take myself to the movies! Yep, me all by myself. It would be the first time that I embarked on such a journey! At the time I was working as a Family Counselor, so on my off day, I went to my favorite movie theater, filled an empty water bottle with wine (don’t judge! You know you bring snacks to the movies! I just choose to bring my own beverage. hehe), and off I went!

The feeling of sitting in the movie theater, with hundreds of strangers, and just me by myself felt eerily liberating. I was like, “Ooooh I’m such an adult! I mean, children can’t do this! I’m an actual adult! I love this!” So I took in the previews, watched the movie, all while laughing, sipping my bootleg drink, crying, and just having a ball. While the movie was not as good and descriptive as the book (I mean, are they ever?), I truly enjoyed the experience. I didn’t necessarily need someone to whisper between scenes to, to laugh or cry with…I did it alone, and was truly okay with that! While life is wonderful when shared with others, sometimes just enjoying things solo can be just as fulfilling.

Doing things alone may seem a bit intimidating, but once you take the leap, you will find that hey, you are more and likely awesome company. So ditch your friends, your kids, and/or the love of your life for a day and take yourself out on a date. Since going to the movies alone that year, I’ve done it several other times as well. Each time I walk away feeling nothing less than…happy. And well, if you can make yourself happy, then you’ve got it made. 🙂

Oh hey new black hair! What you can’t see, is that it’s turquoise underneath.   Just a little summer ‘do. Now what movie am I taking myself to see next?


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