How I Spent My Weekend: End of June Edition

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend! I spent my weekend doing lots of good eating. Like, I need to run extra this upcoming week, good eating. Even I as write this blog post, I’m eating some oysters on the half shell chargrilled with parmesan cheese and seasoned butter from Dodies, a Cajun restaurant here. Mouth. Watering. Goodness.
On Friday, the family and I decided to go the Galleria mall and walk around a bit. (Sidenote: Going to the mall is definitely a family outing for us lol). After we did some light shopping, we then went to eat at Grand Lux Cafe, which has a similar menu to the Cheesecake Factory. I decided to wear a coral tiered lace skirt with a white tank aceentuated with lace as well:

I finished the outfit off with gold accessories. Also, along the way, I took a selfie or 2. (Ladies, how many selfies do you have in your cell phone? No woman has less than 10 selfies in her phone at any given time.)


She was fighting sleep at this point lol.

After we got to Grand Lux, we let the kids run around outside until our table was ready:




I ended up ordering some pasta that had olives, peppers, zucchini, asparagus and shrimp in it. It wasn’t my favorite pasta I’ve ever had that’s for sure. It was just missing something. But my long island iced tea made up for it so it’s all good.
Leaving Grand Lux

The next evening, we decided to continue our spree of eating out, and went to a cute little pizza joint called Pizzeria Testa. This place came highly recommended, so we decided to give it a go. For this evening out, I decided to wear a gold tunic, paired with leggings and wedge sandals:

We sat outside, which the kids absolutely loved! I decided to order a pizza that I didn’t even know could exist! It had mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, mozzarella, and an EGG, served sunny side up! Talk about heaven in your mouth! Lawd!


 I mean, I almost wanted to marry this pizza. And of course you can’t go to a pizza place and not have wine with your pizza:

The kids and Chris enjoyed this place as well:






With all this good eating going on this weekend, I managed to get a run in too. The weather was actually perfect for running outside, as the wind was blowing and the sun played hide and seek all day. Also, I got some super cute new pink running shoes that I had been needing to break in, so that day was perfect for this as well:


And finally, earlier today, my friend Joy invited out to brunch with her and her friends! Brunch may be my favorite meal of the day. You can merge breakfast food with lunch AND have a nice, light cocktail?! Um, yes please! The place for brunch today was called Max’s Wine Dive, and is the cutest place! It’s located in downtown Dallas, and their menu includes stuff like the “Hangover Pot Pie”. I mean, please come here after you’d had a heavy night of drinking. Okay? They have something for you.


I decided to order a wild mushroom and goat cheese omelet, that also came with jalopeno cheese grits. (Have yall gained 5 pounds from just reading this post yet?)


And duh! What’s brunch without a mimosa!?
I had a grapefruit mimosa instead of the regular orange juice mimosa.  Loved it!

For brunch today I decided to wear a floor length maxi dress. Simple and comfy:

Dress is from Target last year. Necklace is from H&M a few years ago.

My friend Joy who invited me to brunch and I showed up both wearing black maxi dresses! Ha! (For the record, we both are born in November in the same year, so clearly we’re long lost twins anyway.)


The brunch crew


Such a fab and ravenous weekend! Hope yall’s was the same! xoxo


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