The Chef Is In!

Hey fabbies! I hope everyone had an awesome Fourth of July weekend. My weekend was spent relaxing with my family and eating way too much food. Lawd! (I’m beginning to notice that trend on the weekends for me: Relaxing and eating well. What is it about the weekends that causes me to eat until I almost pass out?!) What I didn’t do was go see fireworks though, so I’m gonna have to change that next year.

A few weeks ago, we hired a personal chef to continue our journey of no-meat/pescatarianism. His name is Windle Grissett and he has over 27 years experience as a chef, and also went to culinary school in Paris, France.  He’s based in the Dallas, Texas area but he does travel. He has been an amazing cook for us, but what made we want to post about him is that he made something from scratch that just made me want to run off into a field of lilies and do backflips: hot sauce. He made hot sauce from scratch. Now, I’m sure it probably did not require a whole lot of ingredients, but let me tell you this: as a huge hot sauce enthusiast, it was the best. hot. sauce. I’ve. ever. had. Period! I mean, I think it’s going to be very hard for me to buy hot sauce from the store in the future because of this! He made the hot sauce to go with the meal he cooked for us, which was shrimp etoufee, salmon and rice, fresh cut green beans, and homemade walnut brownies. Is your mouth watering yet?

Homemade hot sauce


Shrimp etoufee


Salmon and rice


Fresh green beans





Homemade brownies


This meal was so good, but those brownies were EVERYTHING! Chris and I both agreed that in the future, he probably needs to make three batches of these. (And we were dead serious. We’re greedy people.)

Other meals he has prepared for us have been pasta dishes, quinoa, and everything in between:

Shrimp and lobster pasta with spinach and tomatoes



Lemon glazed pound cake


Red Velvet Cake


Chef WG



It’s definitely a blessing to be able to have a chef come and prepare delicious food for our family, and I’ve learned a lot already! I just need to try not to eat all of the dessert in one day. Because believe me, I’m highly capable. So when the chef is in, bring your appetite! (And your cell phone so you can take pictures of the food of course. 🙂

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