What’s For Dinner?

Happy Monday!

Hey ya’ll! So as many of you know, we are a family that does not eat meat. We go outside, pick the leaves off the bushes and trees, and eat those everyday. Sometimes if we’re feeling adventurous, we pick the flowers out of the ground and eat those too. Just kidding. We actually still eat very good food. Since hiring a chef in Charlotte to help diversify our menu with not eating meat, it has spoiled me a bit, as I used to cook pretty regularly.
However, since coming back to Texas, I’ve been cooking again more regularly, as our new chef doesn’t start cooking for us until this week. Now I’m no *insert your favorite chef or your mama’s cooking here*, but I have been known to make some pretty tasty dishes! So anyway, yesterday I decided to cook some pasta, which is always a huge hit in our house. We’ll call this dish, Ravenous shrimp pasta.
Here’s what you need to make it:
-fresh baby spinach
-fresh button mushrooms
-fresh broccoli
-diced onions (I used red onions because that’s what I had here already)
-extra virgin olive oil (to cook the shrimp in)
-penne pasta
-seasonings of your choice (my go-to seasonings are sea salt, black pepper, creole seasoning, italian seasoning, and garlic powder)
-pasta sauce of your choice. ( I have made my own pasta sauce before, but sometimes you just want to pour some good stuff out of a jar!) Yesterday I tried a new sauce, seen below:

Creamy Spinach and Parmesan by Classico
I’m so happy that I tried this sauce because it was AMAZING!
Anyway, the meal was very simple to make, only totaling about 30 minutes to cook, from prep time to it being done and ready to eat.
I only used one pot for the penne, and one skillet to cook the shrimp and veggies in.
I put the extra virgin olive oil in the skillet first, got it nice and warm before adding the shrimp. Next I added the red onions and mushrooms and let those cook together for a minute:
Next I added the spinach and broccoli:
At this time I have the penne pasta cooking at the same time as well (I cook the pasta al dente):
I let the shrimp and veggies cook together for about 15-20 minutes or so. While the shrimp and veggies simmered, I drained the penne, then added that new sauce I found. I only used one jar, but I had bought 2 just in case. (You may need to use 2 jars depending on how “saucy” you like your dishes). I lastly just poured all of the contents in the skillet into the large pot of penne and sauce, and stirred. I then covered the pot to let it simmer (on low heat) for about 10 minutes or so.
And here is the finished product on a plate:


Looking back, I probably could have added more spinach, but it still turned out very good nonetheless! So simple, yet so good!  Bon Apetit!

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