My Trip To Detroit!

Hey yall! The last four days my family and I took a quick little getaway to Detroit, Michigan to visit Chris’s side of the family. Chris was born and raised in Detroit, so it was very neat to see where he grew up, and also to meet some of the people who helped shape him into the awesome man he is today. 🙂 I took lots of pictures while I was there, from the beginning of the trip until the end, so this post will be laden with photos!

Our trip began on Wednesday morning. It’s always a mad dash for things the mornings that we have to prepare to leave. Crazy enough, it doesn’t take me long to get the kids ready, I just triple and quadruple check that I haven’t left anything. So I get them ready first, and this entails getting them dressed, brushing their hair, brushing their teeth, and lotioning them up. (Listen, kids can be ashy too.) So we loaded them up and into our waiting SUV and were off to the airport!

The flight was smooth. The kids played with each other, and went back and forth between me and Chris’s seats. Since Ze is 2 years old, she also has to have her own seat, and Vito sits in my lap, then plays for a bit, then walks to Chris and sits in his lap. This goes on for the duration of the flight, unless he gets tired and goes to sleep. Ze plays games on my ipad, puts stickers on the window (I always get her a window seat), and snacks the whole flight.

Once we landed in Detroit, we headed to our hotel to check in. On the way there, I managed to snap a few pics:

The hotel was very busy during our stay there, as there were several weddings going on that weekend. So while we waited in the lobby, I snapped even more pics! hehe:



The hotel lobby’s bathroom had a fabulous selfie mirror, so on my way out I of course had to take a selfie! My airport attire was: Comfortable leggings from Forever21, a long tunic I’ve had for years from H&M, and Jordan sneakers.

After we got good and settled, and we were all hungry, so we ordered the kids room service, and Chris and I ordered out. I decided to get sushi from Benihana, as it was close to our hotel:

Las Vegas sushi roll: includes Salmon, avocado, cream cheese, jalopeno, spicy sauce on top


Crunchy Roll: Shrimp tempura, avocado, crab, and tempura crumbs topped with jalopeno


I later ordered a drink from the hotel called the Butterfinger Martini. It had a mixture of stuff in it but it tasted like heaven!!

I later ordered another one for a nightcap. 🙂

The next day, after the kids recovered from traveling and got good and settled, we headed to Chris’s mother’s house so the kids could see their Nana, and also Chris’s brother, Jason, and his family came over as well!

In the lobby headed out!
Headed to see Nana!
Ze with her Uncle Jason! (Chris’ brother)
Vito meeting his big cousin, Jason for the first time! (Jason is 10 years old and is a genius.  Literally the smartest little boy I’ve ever met!)
I wore a black harem jumpsuit with my black Isabel Marant sneaker wedges.
The cousins having a conversation. Jamir is 6 months old and is just so cute!
After hanging out at Nana’s house all evening we headed back to our hotel for the remainder of the night to put the kids to sleep.
The next day, I ordered the usual breakfast choice for me and the kids, which is a Belgian waffle. One for me, and one for the kids to split:
The kids coloring after breakfast
After breakfast, we were off to see the wonderful city of Detroit! Below are pictures of us taken in the truck, as well as pictures of some of the cool things I saw while riding around. We also went back to Chris’ old neighborhood where he grew up, which was so cool to see! Lord knows I’ve heard countless strories about his childhood and teenage years, so to see where he dwelled on a daily basis was very cool, and I enjoyed every minute of it!
On the way to seeing the city. This was in the elevator lol.



Shoe game to see the city
Booties are from ASOS, and very comfy

We then went to lunch in Birmingham, which is right outside of Detroit. I tried a cocktail at the recommendation of the waiter:

Me and Vito at lunch.


After eating and seeing the city, we made a brief stop back at the hotel, then were headed back out to see Nana and the rest of the family.

Waiting on our car service


At Nana’s
Nana with her grands!
Family pic!


Oh and we drank a few cocktails while hanging with the fam. Such a great time! Can you tell I was feeling good? lol!
And this was in the elevator at end of the night after spending time with the fam. We changed the kids into their pajamas so they were good and ready for bed lol


After spending lots of time with family and eating and drinking well, it was time to hit the airport and again and head back to Texas!
For travel that day I wore a white v-neck fitted tee, grey leopard print sweats from Kohls, and  Jordans. Shades are a must when traveling as well. You have to still be fabulous even if you fall asleep on the plane. (Shades are Prada)
Kids are ready in their double stroller. We don’t leave home without it when traveling!


Vito had a long trip lol. And if you notice I put my hair up on the plane because Vito kept pulling at it.
2 kids, 1 lap.

I truly enjoyed Detroit! It was wonderful to meet the rest of Chris’ family, and it even felt like a family reunion! Detroit may get a bad rap sometimes, but I would definitely visit there often, as the city was good to me. I hope everyone had a fab and ravenous weekend, because I surely did!


Until next time!


5 replies to “My Trip To Detroit!

  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay here. Looks like you had an awesome time. I would so love to see you and the kids the next time you come. Btw….where did you find that Butterfinger Margarita? Looks yummy….


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