It’s My 3-Year Blog Anniversary!

Hey Fabbies! Can you believe it has been three years since I started my “Fab and Ravenous” Blog?! Like seriously!! When I started this blog I was living in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Zé was 2 years old and Vito was 1!

We were snowed in this day and came outside to let the kids play in the snow. Charlotte, NC 2014

This blog has been such a fun and creative outlet for me, and I have really enjoyed sharing my life, outfits, hairstyles, recipes, and everything in between with you guys. I have grown so much in the last three years, and can honestly say that I am proud of the woman I have become. Life is such a journey, and with mistakes I’ve made, triumphs, struggles, and successes that I have achieved, I know that I still have work to do, but I am loving every moment of my Fab and Ravenous Life! Continue reading “It’s My 3-Year Blog Anniversary!”


Vegan Ranch Dressing Recipe! Quick and Easy!

As promised, I said that I would share my homemade Vegan ranch recipe with you guys. I mentioned this in my last post where I made the Sweet N Spicy Cauliflower Bites. (You can find that recipe HERE). If you know me, then you know that I absolutely LIVE for dips and sauces. I am totally that person that drowns her food in dressings, and dips my chips way too deep in any dipping sauce. You do NOT wanna share chips and dip with me I promise! Just ask my husband or sisters. I just prefer my food a bit…wet. ;p  Anyway, because I love dips and dressings, lately I have been making my own, and wanted to share the vegan ranch recipe that I found that only requires 3 main ingredients. Just 3! Continue reading “Vegan Ranch Dressing Recipe! Quick and Easy!”

Sweet and Spicy Cauliflower Bites! Vegan and Good AF!

Hey Fabbies! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some of my favorite vegan recipes on this blog. I do A LOT of cooking these days, and share my cooking pretty often on my Snapchat and Insta-story. (My Snapchat and Instagram names are the same: fabandravenous if you’re interested.) Whenever I do share what I am cooking, I always get messages asking for the recipe. That has prompted me to begin blogging my recipes often here on my blog, which brings me to today’s recipe, which are the so so yummy Sweet and Spicy Cauliflower “Wings”, that are all vegan, and BEYOND fantastic! Continue reading “Sweet and Spicy Cauliflower Bites! Vegan and Good AF!”

Look Of The Week!

Last weekend, my family and I went out to dinner to our favorite Ethiopian restaurant, GoJo, and this of course gave me the perfect excuse to wear something fun. (Rule #1, always look for a reason to wear something fun. ;p) Anyway, I opted to wear a halter neck jumpsuit that I’ve had for over a year now, and have never worn. What’s great about this jumpsuit is that the material is soft and stretchy, and it has a super long inseam of about 36 inches, which meant even with my heels on, the pant legs still came to the floor. One of my favorite places to shop that caters to tall gals like myself is That is where the fabulous jumpsuit that I chose to wear for dinner came from! I love Alloy because they have extra long inseams on their jeans, dresses, and jumpsuits, and all at an afffordable price! Continue reading “Look Of The Week!”

I Changed My Hair Again! (And Again) And What Does My Husband Think of My Ever-Changing Look?

Hey Fabbies! Happy Fabulous Friday! You all already know that I love changing and having fun with my hair. I mean, I have a whole category on my blog titled “Hairstyles” that shows the different things I’ve done over the years. And some way or another, over time I have learned to dye/braid/weave ponytail my own hair. Thanks to the wonderment that is YouTube, Hair and Braiding Tutorials have become my best friend, and I have basically taught myself how to bleach, braid, and dye my own hair. Now, I am in no way saying that I am this hair guru or some professional, but I have been happy with the outcome of my hair experiments, and have continued to have fun with my ever-changing looks! Continue reading “I Changed My Hair Again! (And Again) And What Does My Husband Think of My Ever-Changing Look?”

30 Habits For Happiness!

Hey Fabbies! It’s been a brief minute! I have been my usual busy self, working on some GREAT things for my online store FRB, planning for our summer, (trips, activities, seeing family, etc..), and doing everything else in between. If you follow me on Snapchat then you get a chance to see me on a more regular basis. In the next coming weeks I will begin posting my favorite “Snaps” of the week here on my blog so that you can see a bit more of me and what I do on a daily basis, including Outfit Of The Day photos, when I go for my runs outside, my vegan cooking, and everything in between with my family!  Continue reading “30 Habits For Happiness!”

My 5-Year Old Told Me She Wants Boobs!

Hey Fabbies! Okay so let’s just get right to it. The other day, I was bending down tying Zé’s shoe (in the process of teaching her, but that’s a whole ‘nother story), so my chest was hovering over her. I was wearing a v-neck shirt, so the little cleavage that I have was pressed against my knees, making me look like a buxom, busty goddess! (Okay maybe not. Let’s just pretend that’s how I looked.)  Zé points to my chest and says “Mom, those are your boobs. I want boobs!” Somebody, please pour me a drink. Continue reading “My 5-Year Old Told Me She Wants Boobs!”

Detox Mondays! Are You In?

Happy Sunday Fabbies! Of course you guys know that I love fashion and all things girly, but recently I have been deep-diving in research on nutrition and health. As a vegan, I am no doubt the healthiest I have ever been, but I still have days where I feel sluggish or more tired than normal, get the occasional pimple or breakout on my face, and I KNOW it is due to what I have been eating. Yes I have a plant-based diet, but let’s face it: Some days, even for ME, I don’t get enough fruits and vegetables. What am I eating instead you ask? Let’s see: chips, vegan hot dogs, vegan cheese dip, pasta, and whatever else “quick” little snack that I can get my hands on.  Of course, these are not nearly as bad as eating “real meat and cheese”, but it is equally important to CONSISTENTLY eat a healthy serving and fruits and vegetables EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


Continue reading “Detox Mondays! Are You In?”

Smoothie Recipes!

Have you ever wanted to make a smoothie but didn’t know what to put in it? Well I’ve got you covered! My friend Ashley found a 10-day green smoothie detox program online, and they provided 10 different smoothie recipes. The reason that smoothies have become so popular is because it is the easiest and most convenient way for you to ensure you get your fruits and vegetables daily. Just pop everything into a blender, then enjoy! Read on to see the recipes. Continue reading “Smoothie Recipes!”

My Style Lately!

Hey Fabbies! I was preparing to write a blog post showing off what I thought was a cute little outfit that displayed my current style, but as I started scrolling through my photo albums, I had come to the realization that I have been drawn to a few things: oversized tees and hoodies paired with leggings (or nothing), and PRINTS.  My style somewhat evolves every few months (this includes me changing my hair often lol), but never really intentionally. I am just drawn to certain styles or colors, and go with that. These days, it’s all about comfort, but because my motto has always been “more is more”, bold and fun prints just sort of takes my nice and cozy style from boring to exciting. Continue reading “My Style Lately!”