Smoothie Recipes!

Have you ever wanted to make a smoothie but didn’t know what to put in it? Well I’ve got you covered! My friend Ashley found a 10-day green smoothie detox program online, and they provided 10 different smoothie recipes. The reason that smoothies have become so popular is because it is the easiest and most convenient way for you to ensure you get your fruits and vegetables daily. Just pop everything into a blender, then enjoy! Read on to see the recipes. Continue reading “Smoothie Recipes!”

My Style Lately!

Hey Fabbies! I was preparing to write a blog post showing off what I thought was a cute little outfit that displayed my current style, but as I started scrolling through my photo albums, I had come to the realization that I have been drawn to a few things: oversized tees and hoodies paired with leggings (or nothing), and PRINTS.  My style somewhat evolves every few months (this includes me changing my hair often lol), but never really intentionally. I am just drawn to certain styles or colors, and go with that. These days, it’s all about comfort, but because my motto has always been “more is more”, bold and fun prints just sort of takes my nice and cozy style from boring to exciting. Continue reading “My Style Lately!”

Let’s Get Lost In The Drama of Hair!

Who’s in the mood for some hair talk? I am going on month 2 now with sporting my green hair, and know that sometime in March, it will be time to change my hair color. I mean, one cannot just keep green hair the entire year! As of today, I have no idea what color or style that I want to do next, so during these times, I love to browse Instagram and Pinterest for hair inspiration. Well over the past few days, I have found more than just inspiration–I have found art! Continue reading “Let’s Get Lost In The Drama of Hair!”

Cat-Ear Headbands: The Hair Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

Greetings Fabbies! If you follow me on any of my social media, then you know by now that I am a huge fan of hair accessories: hats, scarves, beanies, turbans, headbands, jeweled headbands, and more recently (within the last year), cat-ear headbands. If there’s something that I can accessorize my hair with, then I want it! Hair accessories are not only added decoration to your already fabulous self, but they also serve the purpose of helping with “bad” hair days, or help to spruce up an otherwise simple hairdo. Continue reading “Cat-Ear Headbands: The Hair Accessory You Never Knew You Needed”

My Exclusive Interview with Eva Cannon: She Changed Her Diet, then She Changed Her Life!

For this blog post, I decided to do something a bit different than I have ever done before. I decided to wear the hat of radio slash television host, if you will, and interview a friend of mine, Eva Cannon, 23, who switched her diet to a predominantly plant-based lifestyle over a year ago. Cannon is a professional chef that I met while I was living in Los Angeles. At the time, Eva was one of the chefs for the Los Angeles Clippers (and at the time, Chris was playing for them), and she also prepared vegan meals for us at our home a few times! She also used to make these “cake-in-a-jar” deliciousness that I used to be OBSESSED WITH!

These were like crack!

Continue reading “My Exclusive Interview with Eva Cannon: She Changed Her Diet, then She Changed Her Life!”

Fab & Ravenous Boutique Is Officially Open For Business!

Hey Fabbies! As many of you know by now, I launched Fab & Ravenous Boutique 2 days ago, this past Friday, January 13th, 2017! (Which is now officially FRB‘s birthday! hehe). It has been a hectic past several weeks, but I am so happy to say that the site is now open for everyone to go shopping, and I have such cute merchandise for all of you! From funky earrings, to custom-designed coffee mugs and tees, my store will definitely be a reflection of all of the things that I love! If it’s on my site, I genuinely love it and most likely have worn it all haha.  Continue reading “Fab & Ravenous Boutique Is Officially Open For Business!”

What Exactly Is A “Fabbie™” Anyway?

What’s with this “Fabbie” word that you keep seeing around the site? A Fabbie is a woman who is strong, confident, fearless, and lives life on her own terms. A Fabbie has style that is all her own. A Fabbie is not afraid to be exactly who she is, whoever that may be. Fabbies love to celebrate life in general, and look at life as a gift that should be lived Fabulously, every single day. A Fabbie could be a lawyer, an artist, a mother, a teacher, a CEO, a salesclerk, a bartender, a flight attendant, an accountant, or whomever! A Fabbie also is very supportive of other women, and loves to celebrate their successes as if they were her own. Fabbies love being a part of a good “Girl Squad”, but also knows that she can shine on her own. Most of all, a Fabbie is also kind. Fabbies love to see other people happy, and will make their best effort to add zest and delight to other people’s lives as well.

Continue reading “What Exactly Is A “Fabbie™” Anyway?”

My Year 2016 In Hairstyles!

Happy New Year almost! Okay it’s not quite the New Year yet, but I wanted to do a post on my various hairstyles, hair colors, and just all around craziness that I have done with my hair for the entire year of 2016 as we come to a close. Year after year, I continue to have fun with my hair, by experimenting with colors, braids, twists, and really just whatever I feel I am in the mood for. (You can look back at some of my hairstyles over the last few years here: I honestly color and bleach my hair with reckless abandon. If the dye says keep it on your hair for 20 minutes, I typically push it to 40 minutes. I know I know! My hair is gonna fall out right?! Haha ehhh…if it does then I’ll just start over and do something more fabulous. I do try to take care of my hair  by washing/moisturizing/deep conditioning it as best as I can, but I’m no hair expert when it comes to the healthfulness of one’s hair. I just kind of…go. Continue reading “My Year 2016 In Hairstyles!”

Last Minute Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas!

Hey Fabbies! I hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday season! Christmas is quickly approaching, and if you are anything like me, (i.e., someone who tends to procrastinate every now and then), then you still might have Christmas shopping to do, even though Christmas is now 6 days away! So because time is now limited, I have compiled a list of last-minute inexpensive Christmas gift ideas, all for under $100! Continue reading “Last Minute Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas!”