What To Wear On A First Date

Happy Thursday Fabbies! How is everyone’s summer going? (Or winter, depending on where ever you are in the world). The summer weather here in San Miguel de Allende is pretty mild, which is a pretty big change considering I’m coming from the hot desert that is Arizona. During the day, it is typically anywhere from 75 degrees to 85 degrees, and the mornings and evenings are cool, where it feels like its Fall. Plus, it rains here! It never rained in Arizona haha! It’s raining right now as we speak actually, creating the perfect backdrop of sound as I write this blog post. Anywho, today’s post is all about outfits and storytelling! It’s been a good minute since I’ve posted a “What To Wear” post, so today’s blog will be about what to wear on a 1st Date! (And if you’re past the “1st date stage and are already boo-ed up, this post will give you date night ideas for the future too. 😉 Continue reading “What To Wear On A First Date”

How To Wear White Pumps

Hey Fabbies! Do you guys remember there used to be a time where “they” said that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day? And white shoes? Ha! Forget about it! Well even though fashion rules (much like many rules in general) are now considered antiquated and out-dated, many people have opted to wear whatever they want before and after Labor Day, including white shoes. However, white shoes, or more specifically, white heels, seem to intimidate some women! Well I am here to tell you that white shoes are just as fabulous as any other color, and in this post, I have put together several outfit looks to show you just how great they look when paired with different outfits! Continue reading “How To Wear White Pumps”

What To Wear To Meet Your Significant Other’s Parents!

Happy Monday Fabbies! As Valentine’s Day nears, I began thinking about how lots of proposals happen on that day, and how meeting the significant other’s parents happens somewhere along the way. I know that meeting someone’s parents is often a big deal, and how you present yourself to them can be stressful for some. So for this “What To Wear Series, I decided to put together outfit ideas on what you could wear when you are planning to meet your boo thang’s parents. And of course the meeting places may vary. I mean, you could be meeting them for dinner inside their home, at a restaurant, at a family outing, or anywhere. But location aside, the key is to put some effort into your overall look, so when that meeting does take place, you’ve already impressed everyone before you even speak.  Continue reading “What To Wear To Meet Your Significant Other’s Parents!”