My Trip To Miami For My Friend’s Art Basel Show!

Hey Fabbies! Back in early December, I took a trip down to Miami, Florida for a long weekend to be a part of my friend Billy Joe Michel’s art exhibit that took place on two consecutive days. I was there for a total of five days, leaving that Thursday, and returning to Phoenix on Monday. For that weekend, I hired a film crew from to film the entire weekend, because I just KNEW that the weekend would be epic, and would make a great episode for my  YouTube Vlogs. I waited to publish this post because I wanted to post it during the same time that the Episode on Youtube was posted!  That way you will have access to everything we did in Miami for Art Basel 2017. And Ya’ll! The episode is BEYOND epic. You can see for yourself HERE While the episode is A MUST-SEE MOVIE, I wanted to share more photos of the art that I got a chance to see, share what I ate while in Miami, and other photos for the trip as well. So click through and ENJOY! Continue reading “My Trip To Miami For My Friend’s Art Basel Show!”

My Trip To Dallas To Visit My Sisters and Friends! (Tons of Pictures!)

Hey Fabbies! A few weeks ago I took a trip down to Dallas, Texas. My older sister Tamika lives there, and my good friend Brittanii just moved right outside of Dallas at the start of the year. Brittanii held a Rodeo-Themed birthday party at her home, and I would not have missed that for the world! Her party could not have come at a more perfect time, because it gave me the opportunity to not only see her, but to also reunite with my sister Tamika, AND my younger sister Diamond came down for the weekend from Mississippi as well. I had not seen any of them since almost a year ago when we were all together at my house for #LitintheDesert Girls Weekend! This was also my first kid-free weekend in over a year, so it was a much needed little getaway for a Mommy break!  Continue reading “My Trip To Dallas To Visit My Sisters and Friends! (Tons of Pictures!)”

My Weekend In LA for the Vegan Food Festival! (TONS Of Pictures!)

At the end of May, my family and I took a quick little weekend getaway trip to LA/Anaheim, California to attend the annual Vegan Food and Beer Festival. I have been wanting to go to the this festival since I learned about it while living in Los Angeles two years ago, but our schedules were never free during the times that had it the last two years. So this year was our year to go! While the Vegan Festival was in Los Angeles, we stayed in Anaheim, CA which is nearby. I meant to blog about our trip sooner, but I did not realize how many pictures I had compiled from the trip, so going through, editing, and deciding which pics to post took a lot longer than expected. But this post comes at the perfect time anyway, because I have another upcoming trip to Dallas, Texas this weekend, where I am going to visit my older sister and nephew, PLUS see one of my good friends, Brittanii, who is having a birthday party at her house! I will definitely write a blog post all about that trip when I return next week, because I know it will be a long weekend full of much-needed girl time and FUN!

But back to our fab weekend in Cali; it was a quick weekend 4-day trip, and I will share what I wore, what we ate, (except for what I ate at the actual Vegan Fest; you’ll get to see all of that on my next vlog on YouTube when it’s ready!), and how much fun was had! Continue reading “My Weekend In LA for the Vegan Food Festival! (TONS Of Pictures!)”

My Trip To One of The Most Beautiful Places on Earth!

A few weeks ago, Chris, myself and the kids took a little road trip to Sedona, Arizona, which is just shy of a two hour drive from our home. Upon moving to Arizona last year, we both were told that the town of Sedona is an absolute must-see city, as it is surrounded by natural beauty in the form of stunning red rocks and deep canyons, and is also known as a “healing and therapeutic desert town”. Chris and I both have been on spiritual journeys, where we want enrich our connection with God and the universe as a whole (hence, one of the reasons for us being vegans), and we want to just be the best version of ourselves. So of course hearing and then reading all about Sedona, Chris and I had always said that we would just randomly drive down there for a few days, and we finally did two weeks ago. It was an unforgettable experience, and we wish we had gone sooner! Continue reading “My Trip To One of The Most Beautiful Places on Earth!”

We Moved To A New State! (Because, Why Not?)

Happy Friday Fabbies! So in another episode of my crazy life, I have moved to Arizona. It literally came out of the blue. Chris and I were looking at houses (don’t get me started on how I’m obsessed I am with everything related to houses. I LIVE for the those HGTV shows! House Hunters, anyone?), and Chris pulled up a map. We looked at different … Continue reading We Moved To A New State! (Because, Why Not?)

Wedding in Costa Rica Recap Part 2! (TONS of wedding pictures in this post!)

The Wedding Day! So by the time our wedding day had arrived, we had already been filled with lots of good food, dancing, drinking, sunbathing, and an overall feeling of happiness. The weather had been perfectly sunny every single day, and great memories were already being made. So the day of the wedding, I had breakfast at the buffet. I ate pancakes AND french toast. … Continue reading Wedding in Costa Rica Recap Part 2! (TONS of wedding pictures in this post!)

Wedding In Costa Rica Recap!!! Part 1

 Hey Fabbies! It’s been almost 2 months now since our wedding, and since I’ve last posted, a lot has happened! First let me say, my blogging has been sporadic because I recently spilled wine on my laptop keyboard, (imagine that haha), so I had to get that fixed. Also, I was in the process of re-designing my website, and that is a major undertaking, so … Continue reading Wedding In Costa Rica Recap!!! Part 1

New Hair Color Alert! (And a Few Pics from My Recent Trip!)

Hello All! I recently returned from an 8 Day trip to the South to see my family and friends. So with Ze and Vito in tow, we stopped in Dallas, Texas for a few days, then flew over to my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi to celebrate my Grandmother’s 80th birthday! It was such a wonderful trip all the way around, but it was in Dallas … Continue reading New Hair Color Alert! (And a Few Pics from My Recent Trip!)

First Week in Los Angeles, CA!

Hey y’all! So last Tuesday, the kids and I hopped on a plane, said goodbye to Dallas, TX, and headed West to LA. Since I landed then, I’ve hit the ground running. Chris’s basketball season officially began October 30th, and he’s had a string of home games. So my first week in LA has been summed up with attending his games, getting familiar with the … Continue reading First Week in Los Angeles, CA!