I Did Acupuncture For The 1st Time!

Happy Friday Fabbies! So one week ago today (last Friday), I underwent acupuncture. Wait, is that even how you say it? “I had acupuncture done!” or “I underwent acupuncture!” ?? What is the proper syntax for that? I’ll stick with this: I had acupuncture done. Okay that sounds better. Anyway, last Friday, I had acupuncture done, and it was not at all what I expected!

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Dream Chasing

Hey Fabbies! I hope everyone has been doing well! I have been doing a little bit of everything over the last several weeks  months. If you follow me on social media, then you know that like, right now I am headed to New York City to showcase several of my Raven Collection designs at my friend Billy Joe Michel’s art show this Saturday, May 5th in Brooklyn:

I know I have mentioned here and there that I was starting a Luxury Shoe and Handbag line, but I only mentioned it vaguely because it has been a continual work of progress over the last YEAR and a HALF. Yep! You read that right. For the last year and a half, I have been quietly working on The Raven Collection, designing and sketching my life away. I did this alongside my online store Fab and Ravenous Boutique, so The Raven Collection was low-key until now, where my shoes and handbags are in full production with my manufacturers, and I will be showing a sneak peak of my some of my designs this Saturday at Billy Joe’s Art Show in NYC!

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25 Healthy Ways To Deal With Stress

Happy Monday Fabbies! We are officially in the last month of the year! How quickly did 2017 go?! This year really felt like one of the fastest years in my recent memory. Oftentimes when December and the Holidays roll around, people often get so stressed out: “what am I going to buy________?” “I don’t have enough money to get everyone gifts this year!” “I have to host 15 people at my house! I have so much to do!” And the list goes on. The Holidays often brings a lot of mixed emotions for many, and stress, and even depression often find their way into people’s mental psyche. I found a GREAT list on Pinterest that lists 25 ways to help you deal with stress, and I felt that my readers could definitely benefit from this list. Continue reading “25 Healthy Ways To Deal With Stress”

20 Confessions and Obsessions of The Birthday Girl-ME!

Hey Fabbies! Do you know what today is?! Of course you do! It’s my mother effin birthday!! (Insert dancing lady with the red dress here). That’s right. It’s my 35th time around the sun. Can you believe it? I can’t. I mean, I feel like I was just skyrocketing myself outta my mom’s vag! (She said that she when she was going into labor at the hospital, she had to cross her legs because I was coming so fast and the doctor’s weren’t even ready and set up yet to “catch” me. If I remember correctly, I shot out like a cannon. Well, I don’t remember, but that’s how the story is told. Which has kinda been the theme of my life! I often feel like I’m in a hurry for no reason! I walk fast, talk fast…) But I digress. Life comes at you fast. I can still distinctly remember all of my “milestone” birthdays, and it seems as if 35 came fast as hell. As birthdays tend to do I reckon.  I was talking to my mom yesterday about how many women don’t like to disclose their age the older they get, (including her and my Grandma Bert. You better not dare ask them how old they are! lol!), but I don’t mind telling my age. My mom always says: “You’re only as old as you feel.” And well, I feel like a ripe 25 year old! Ha! Continue reading “20 Confessions and Obsessions of The Birthday Girl-ME!”

My Family’s Recent Trip To The State Fair, & How Seeing Your Kids Happy Brings You Unexplainable Joy!

Happy November Fabbies! It’s my birthday month! Whoo hoooooo! Anyway, more on birthday fun later. A few weeks ago, my hubby and I took Zé and Vito to the Arizona State Fair. We have been to carnivals and state fairs in other states in the past, including the State Fair of Texas a few years ago when the kids were very young. During that time, Vito was still an infant and breastfeeding, so of course he doesn’t remember, and Zé was not even two yet, so the time spent at the fair then was more about letting them see the lights while I pushed them in their double stroller, and Zé got a chance to get run around for a bit before she got tired. Continue reading “My Family’s Recent Trip To The State Fair, & How Seeing Your Kids Happy Brings You Unexplainable Joy!”

Not Your Average (Billy) Joe: The Artist, Mother, and Creative Genius

For this blog post I decided to interview a good friend of mine, Billy Joe Michel, (30), who is an extraordinary artist living in Egg Harbor, New Jersey, although much of her work is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you follow her on Instagram, (@miss_billyjoe) you would see just how awe-inspiring her life is. To rewind just a bit, Billy Joe and I met back in December of 2012 in Dallas, Texas, when the father of her kids and Supreme were teammates on a basketball team. We had just moved to Texas, and it was around the holidays, so we had a small get-together at our home, and BJ and her family came. Billy Joe and I immediately bonded over the fact that we were both Scorpios (oh hello there Scorpio Season that begins today!), were moms of young kids (Zé had just turned 1, and I was 7 months pregnant with Vito, and she had two small kids at the time), and even had similar tattoos of “Live Laugh Love” on our ribs. We would go on to have several playdates where the kids would play, and we would bond and learn more about each other. Continue reading “Not Your Average (Billy) Joe: The Artist, Mother, and Creative Genius”

Detox Mondays Update! 6 Months Later!

Happy Monday Fabbies! Can you believe that it is already September?! Seriously though?! 2017 is flying by at warp speed, and I am still scratching my head trying to figure out where the time went. I did want to check in though, and give an update on #DetoxMondays, which I started back in March. (To see my original post on why you should detox and what #DetoxMondays is all about, click HERE.) In the last 6 months, I have continued to detox every Monday, with the exception of one day back in July when I was traveling from Dallas to Phoenix on a Monday, so I detoxed that next day (Tuesday) instead. My detoxes have been pretty consistent, where for 24 hours, I eat only fresh fruit and/or raw veggies, drink smoothies, and drink lots of water.  Continue reading “Detox Mondays Update! 6 Months Later!”

It’s Our Two Year Wedding Anniversary!-Throwback Photos of Us (And A Few Current Ones)

Hey Fabbies! Today happens to be my 2nd Wedding Anniversary! Whoop Whoop! Cue the fireworks, pop the champagne, pass the j, and all do all those other celebratory actions that come with yearly milestone events. Supreme and I got married two years ago today in Costa Rica. (To see my wedding photos and all things wedding-related click HERE). Our day started off with sheepish “we-been-together-so-long-that-we-truly-almost-forgot-it-was-our-anniversary”, grins at each other. And not in a clichéd old married couple way, where you are either tired of each other by now or you don’t celebrate anymore because “ehhh what’s the big deal”? But we truly are at the point where we celebrate each other often and throughout the year, and not just on “holidays”. So when things like Valentine’s Day or Anniversaries come up, we treat them just as special as any other day, and that is by honoring, respecting, and loving each other unconditionally.  Continue reading “It’s Our Two Year Wedding Anniversary!-Throwback Photos of Us (And A Few Current Ones)”