I Designed My BFF’s Wedding Shoes and Handbag!

Happy September Fabbies! August was by far one of the busiest months for me. Like, all year long. I am in the final stages of preparing the launch of my brand, Raven Collection, so I spent a good amount of August designing for Fall/Winter Collection, (my launch collection will just be called “The Launch Collection”), okaying sample fabrics, testing new samples, finalizing the website, organizing inventory, and so on and so on. I have also run into, let’s say, challenges, that makes launching a luxury company a somewhat tedious thing. For example, a fabric that you are obsessed with is no longer in stock, or, the shoe sample doesn’t match the handbag sample. (And that’s not even half of it!) But also during August, my BFF Brittanii got married! On August 18, 2018, (exactly one month ago today!) Brittanii said “I Do” in New York City in Central Park, and I was there of course to witness the beautiful union! But not only did I attend the wedding, I also designed her wedding shoes AND handbag for her big day! Continue reading “I Designed My BFF’s Wedding Shoes and Handbag!”

My Solo Adventures In New Orleans!

As you guys know, I recently went to New Orleans to be a part of an unforgettable bachelorette weekend. The festitivites lasted from Friday until Sunday, but I stayed in New Orleans a few extra days just to recover and to explore! This suggestion was actually made by my husband, who said that I should just stay a few extra days just to relax and just to “be”. I was like, damn. “Why didn’t I think of that?!” I cannot even remember the last time I’ve spent time in a hotel alone. I mean, this may not be a common thing for most, but as someone who travels often, I’m typically around a lot of people whenever I’m traveling: my kids of course, Supreme, friends, family. So to actually have several days, alone, with just me and my 2-step, well, I was absolutely giddy with excitement! Continue reading “My Solo Adventures In New Orleans!”

My Trip To New Orleans For My BFF’s Bachelorette Weekend! TONS OF PHOTOS AND VIDEOS!

Happy Tuesday Fabbies! I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted. And at this point I know it goes without saying that I have been busy. Besides the usual obligations that come with being a mom and wife, I have continued to be chin deep in Raven Collection. I cannot wait to unveil the full collection of handbags and shoes to you guys once everything is complete. And guess what? Everything is almost complete…But since I like to move in silence so to speak, you guys will see everything for yourselves soon enough! 😉 But nonetheless, I wanted to be sure to share my wonderful trip to New Orleans with you guys on my blog. And I mean, what girl doesn’t like reading and seeing pictures from bachelorette weekends?!? So fun right? Anyway, since my last post, I have traveled to the mighty South! First to my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi to visit my family in late June, and then 2 weekends ago  I traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana to celebrate my best friend Brittanii’s bachelorette weekend. She is getting married in New York City next month, so me, along with her sisters and friends celebrated her last remaining moments as a “single gal”. Continue reading “My Trip To New Orleans For My BFF’s Bachelorette Weekend! TONS OF PHOTOS AND VIDEOS!”

That Time My Brunch Outfit Matched Our New Orleans Bachelorette House

Hey Fabbies! If you follow me on social media, then you know that a few weeks ago I flew down to New Orleans to be apart of my best friend Brittanii’s bachelorette weekend. (To read all about details of what I wore, ate, and more, CLICK HERE.)  We rented the CUTEST shotgun house in the French Quarter, where the shutters and door on the front of the house were a mint green color. Guess what? So was my brunch outfit! So naturally, I had to have a photoshoot there, complete with poses, all wearing a pair of Raven Collection sandals (yes my own design! 🙂 I wore a mint bodysuit with matching tutu skirt, statement jeweled necklace, my signature extra-large hoop earrings, and fabulous vintage Judith Leiber belt. Continue reading “That Time My Brunch Outfit Matched Our New Orleans Bachelorette House”

Dream Chasing

Hey Fabbies! I hope everyone has been doing well! I have been doing a little bit of everything over the last several weeks  months. If you follow me on social media, then you know that like, right now I am headed to New York City to showcase several of my Raven Collection designs at my friend Billy Joe Michel’s art show this Saturday, May 5th in Brooklyn:

I know I have mentioned here and there that I was starting a Luxury Shoe and Handbag line, but I only mentioned it vaguely because it has been a continual work of progress over the last YEAR and a HALF. Yep! You read that right. For the last year and a half, I have been quietly working on The Raven Collection, designing and sketching my life away. I did this alongside my online store Fab and Ravenous Boutique, so The Raven Collection was low-key until now, where my shoes and handbags are in full production with my manufacturers, and I will be showing a sneak peak of my some of my designs this Saturday at Billy Joe’s Art Show in NYC!

Continue reading “Dream Chasing”

How To Wear White Pumps

Hey Fabbies! Do you guys remember there used to be a time where “they” said that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day? And white shoes? Ha! Forget about it! Well even though fashion rules (much like many rules in general) are now considered antiquated and out-dated, many people have opted to wear whatever they want before and after Labor Day, including white shoes. However, white shoes, or more specifically, white heels, seem to intimidate some women! Well I am here to tell you that white shoes are just as fabulous as any other color, and in this post, I have put together several outfit looks to show you just how great they look when paired with different outfits! Continue reading “How To Wear White Pumps”

My Trip To Miami For My Friend’s Art Basel Show!

Hey Fabbies! Back in early December, I took a trip down to Miami, Florida for a long weekend to be a part of my friend Billy Joe Michel’s art exhibit that took place on two consecutive days. I was there for a total of five days, leaving that Thursday, and returning to Phoenix on Monday. For that weekend, I hired a film crew from www.villaschannel.com to film the entire weekend, because I just KNEW that the weekend would be epic, and would make a great episode for my  YouTube Vlogs. I waited to publish this post because I wanted to post it during the same time that the Episode on Youtube was posted!  That way you will have access to everything we did in Miami for Art Basel 2017. And Ya’ll! The episode is BEYOND epic. You can see for yourself HERE While the episode is A MUST-SEE MOVIE, I wanted to share more photos of the art that I got a chance to see, share what I ate while in Miami, and other photos for the trip as well. So click through and ENJOY! Continue reading “My Trip To Miami For My Friend’s Art Basel Show!”

New Hair Who Dis?

Hey Fabbies! Happy Tuesday! The other day, I dyed my hair RED! I’m talking, bright as a stop sign red. (And to be even more specific, the color is called “Red Passion” by Manic Panic. I have known for a months now that red would be next hair color, because I had become fixated on doing a bright, cheery hair color next. I have had red hair before back in 2016 (you can see the photos from those looks HERE), but this time I plan to keep the red color for longer than a month! Ha! Red is such a fun and vibrant color in general, so dying my hair, then donning a long red weave ponytail with it just screams “I’m gonna have such a popping ass Spring!”  Continue reading “New Hair Who Dis?”