Weekly Summary (Including What I Wore!)

Happy Weekend! I’m one step closer to deciding the hair color I want for my upcoming wedding. Once I’ve made my mind up for good, I’ll be sure to update you guys with a post (including pictures of course), of the new color change. Anyway, this past week has been busy for me as usual. This included the typical errands (Target runs, grocery store, post … Continue reading Weekly Summary (Including What I Wore!)

My Week In Fashion! (Plus My Fab and Ravenous Weekend with Friends!)

Hey all! Last week I was insanely busy almost every single day, as I was preparing for two of my best friends (and plus one of their four year old sons), to come visit! So this included grocery shopping, stocking my mini bar (hello! There would be lots of drinking!), and stocking up on toilet paper and fun stuff like that. The day before they … Continue reading My Week In Fashion! (Plus My Fab and Ravenous Weekend with Friends!)

Picture Perfect And Whatnot

Hey there Fabbies! This will be a quick post, but I just wanted to share a few flicks that a photographer took on Chris’s birthday last week. He was there capturing moments throughout the day, and this also included taking photos of us before Chris and I headed out for the night to celebrate Chris’s twenty-eight years of life. Some pictures we posed for, and … Continue reading Picture Perfect And Whatnot