I Moved To Mexico!

Well hello there Fabbies! Whew! It’s been 3 months since I’ve last spoken to you guys. And I promise it is for good reason. I was simply hibernating for the winter and waiting for Spring to come so I could blog again. Hahaha just kidding. The reality is, since the start of 2019, (well, really at the end 2018 too), my family and I have been preparing for our huge move…to MEXICO! If you follow me on Instagram and have seen some of my IG Stories, then you may already know that Supreme, the kids and I all moved to Mexico at the beginning of March. San Miguel de Allende to be exact. And let me tell you: It has been nothing short of an amazing, busy, whirlwind journey across the border. But we are here. In our new home. In a whole new country to continue this wild journey of our free-spirited lives. In this blog post, I will tell you why we decided to choose Mexico, how the process of the moving abroad went, and what we plan to do while living here. Continue reading “I Moved To Mexico!”

My Interview With Raina Williams, Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist Extraordinaire!

Happy Friday Fabbies! Recently I had a chance to chat with the ultra fabulous, Trinidadian Raina Williams, a veteran celebrity makeup and hairstylist, blogger, and business owner of her super successful lash line, Sassi. Raina is actually my “cousin”! She was married to my first cousin years ago, and they have a son together, Malachi. Raina, 38, has 3 boys total, and they live in New York currently.


Raina was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, (and has the BEST New York accent to show for it lol), and has lived quite a decorated life in the beauty industry. She has been a licensed cosmetologist for 18 years, included being licensed in the 3 states of: New York, Mississippi, and North Carolina. Over the course of her illustrious career, Raina has carved out a name for herself, possessing the skills to do it all. She has done hair and makeup for countless celebrities, including Marla Maples (Donald Trump’s second wife), Tara Wallace of Love and Hip Hop, Ericka Page White of TNTs, “Nashville Wives”, and is currently the resident hairstylist for the uber successful Bethenny Frankel, the creator of the Skinnygirl Brand, and also reality tv star of the hit show, The Real Housewives of New York City. 

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New Orleans-Style Vegan Gumbo Recipe!

Happy Wednesday Fabbies! Ya girl has been busy! Whew! Like for real. I am actually working on a few blog posts at a time (and also planning a Non-Profit event in Memphis, but more on that later), including the one I do at the end of each year, which is my “Favorite Looks Of The Year” post. As I was working on that post, which basically shows all of my favorite outfits and hairstyles of the whole year, I was looking at my pictures from my trip down to New Orleans for Brittanii’s Bachelorette weekend, and started thinking about the food there! THEN I was watching one of my favorite YouTube Vloggers, Earth Mama Medicine, and she made some soup that looked bomb! So couple seeing the soup with seeing the New Orleans pictures,  I got the bright idea to try and make my own vegan version of some gumbo!! So I did. Continue reading “New Orleans-Style Vegan Gumbo Recipe!”

Homemade “Honey” Mustard Recipe (But Not made with Honey ;)

Happy Tuesday Fabbies! So as promised, I told you guys that I would share some recipes with you this month. And I figured a sauce a week should be good right?! But I will say this, when it comes to eating a healthier diet, and making things yourself, it would definitely behoove you to invest in a blender AND/or food processor. And I use the word “invest” lightly. These days you can get blenders and food processors for under $30. Having these things will make your time in the kitchen so much quicker and easier. And the recipes you can make using a blender alone are endless. I literally use my blender every day to make smoothies, sauces, dips, or whatever. Throw the food in there and blend! So if you don’t already, treat yourself to a blender and food processor, and let those things do all the work for you. You deserve it! Continue reading “Homemade “Honey” Mustard Recipe (But Not made with Honey ;)”

36th Trip Around The Sun

Hey Fabbies! Whew! It’s been a while right?! Pardon me pardon me! I’m not gonna say “I’ve been sooooo busy!” or anything predictable like that, but I will say, blogging has definitely been put on the back burner for the last few months. (I mean, this post was supposed to be posted November 21st on my actual birthday!) But no worries because I am back!  … Continue reading 36th Trip Around The Sun

I Designed My BFF’s Wedding Shoes and Handbag!

Happy September Fabbies! August was by far one of the busiest months for me. Like, all year long. I am in the final stages of preparing the launch of my brand, Raven Collection, so I spent a good amount of August designing for Fall/Winter Collection, (my launch collection will just be called “The Launch Collection”), okaying sample fabrics, testing new samples, finalizing the website, organizing inventory, and so on and so on. I have also run into, let’s say, challenges, that makes launching a luxury company a somewhat tedious thing. For example, a fabric that you are obsessed with is no longer in stock, or, the shoe sample doesn’t match the handbag sample. (And that’s not even half of it!) But also during August, my BFF Brittanii got married! On August 18, 2018, (exactly one month ago today!) Brittanii said “I Do” in New York City in Central Park, and I was there of course to witness the beautiful union! But not only did I attend the wedding, I also designed her wedding shoes AND handbag for her big day! Continue reading “I Designed My BFF’s Wedding Shoes and Handbag!”

My Solo Adventures In New Orleans!

As you guys know, I recently went to New Orleans to be a part of an unforgettable bachelorette weekend. The festitivites lasted from Friday until Sunday, but I stayed in New Orleans a few extra days just to recover and to explore! This suggestion was actually made by my husband, who said that I should just stay a few extra days just to relax and just to “be”. I was like, damn. “Why didn’t I think of that?!” I cannot even remember the last time I’ve spent time in a hotel alone. I mean, this may not be a common thing for most, but as someone who travels often, I’m typically around a lot of people whenever I’m traveling: my kids of course, Supreme, friends, family. So to actually have several days, alone, with just me and my 2-step, well, I was absolutely giddy with excitement! Continue reading “My Solo Adventures In New Orleans!”

My Trip To New Orleans For My BFF’s Bachelorette Weekend! TONS OF PHOTOS AND VIDEOS!

Happy Tuesday Fabbies! I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted. And at this point I know it goes without saying that I have been busy. Besides the usual obligations that come with being a mom and wife, I have continued to be chin deep in Raven Collection. I cannot wait to unveil the full collection of handbags and shoes to you guys once everything is complete. And guess what? Everything is almost complete…But since I like to move in silence so to speak, you guys will see everything for yourselves soon enough! 😉 But nonetheless, I wanted to be sure to share my wonderful trip to New Orleans with you guys on my blog. And I mean, what girl doesn’t like reading and seeing pictures from bachelorette weekends?!? So fun right? Anyway, since my last post, I have traveled to the mighty South! First to my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi to visit my family in late June, and then 2 weekends ago  I traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana to celebrate my best friend Brittanii’s bachelorette weekend. She is getting married in New York City next month, so me, along with her sisters and friends celebrated her last remaining moments as a “single gal”. Continue reading “My Trip To New Orleans For My BFF’s Bachelorette Weekend! TONS OF PHOTOS AND VIDEOS!”

That Time My Brunch Outfit Matched Our New Orleans Bachelorette House

Hey Fabbies! If you follow me on social media, then you know that a few weeks ago I flew down to New Orleans to be apart of my best friend Brittanii’s bachelorette weekend. (To read all about details of what I wore, ate, and more, CLICK HERE.)  We rented the CUTEST shotgun house in the French Quarter, where the shutters and door on the front of the house were a mint green color. Guess what? So was my brunch outfit! So naturally, I had to have a photoshoot there, complete with poses, all wearing a pair of Raven Collection sandals (yes my own design! 🙂 I wore a mint bodysuit with matching tutu skirt, statement jeweled necklace, my signature extra-large hoop earrings, and fabulous vintage Judith Leiber belt. Continue reading “That Time My Brunch Outfit Matched Our New Orleans Bachelorette House”