Top 10 Rules of Going On A Girls Trip!

Happy Friday Fabbies! First off, let me just say that that this is also another lowkey anniversary post. Do you know it’s been 5 years since I’ve hosted Lit In The Desert at my house when I lived in Scottsdale, Arizona? “Lit In The Desert” was an epic Girls Weekend where I invited some of my friends to my home for long weekend in July 2016. I sent out invitations for that weekend and everything! I also hired a cameraman (shoutout to Flashy Films) to capture the entire weekend, so that video lives on YouTube. I also blogged a bit about that weekend (it was more about what I wore during that month) which you can read here.

Group Shot! My backyard with the girlsssss in 2016

Since I’ve been an adult I’ve participated in many Girls Weekend Trips, and hosted several at my home or elsewhere over the years as well. As a matter of fact, since Lit in The Desert in 2016, I’ve been to a few more Girl’s Trips and bachelorette weekends, including my most recent trip back in March for Tarekia’s birthday weekend 6 months ago in LA. And as time will have it, I’m headed on another Girls Trip soon! Even though the Coronavirus is still around and we will be safe, Hot Girl (Late) Summer is still in full effect okay?!

Anyway, seeing the Lit in the Desert memories that popped up in my Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat pages a few weeks ago compelled me to write a blog post about Girls Trip Weekends, because at this point I’m a Girls Trip Connoisseur okay? Ha!

Below is a list of pertinent things, or ‘Rules’ if you will, to keep in mind when you have an upcoming Girls Trip (or Boys Trip!) on the horizon. There are tons more things I could add to the list but we’re gonna keep it somewhat simple, plus 10 is just a good list number right? So here we go!

1. Plan ahead.

For Girls Trips it is very common for the members of the group to stay in the same house/villa/hotel/dwelling. This means that everyone staying there is sharing the same thermostat in the house. Are you cold-natured? Are you always hot? Think about these things, and then plan accordingly. If you are cold-natured it would behoove you to perhaps bring an extra personal blanket just in case, and if you are hot-natured at night be prepared to get buy a little cheap fan to put in your room just in case it gets too hot. (There’s always a store nearby no matter where you are in the world right?) If you have to share the room with someone then coming to a comprise on the temperature of the room will be key, but always be prepared for yourself by having your blanket or fan, so no matter what you will be able to easily adapt. (Also bring the right pajamas and lounge clothes that suit your temperature needs so that you can be comfortable during your trip.) Also, look up what stores or restaurants are nearby the place you’re staying. You never know if you may need to go and get extra whatever (toothpaste, deodorant, makeup, etc) on your trip, so scouting out nearby stores is golden. Hop in an Uber and go!

2. Bring your high energy.

Unless it’s a yoga retreat or some type of ‘Naptime’ trip for adults, please be prepared to TURN. UP. You did not sign up to go on a Girls Trip to sleep all day, to complain about how tired you are, or to not feel like doing anything. You can do that at home beloved. On a Girl’s Trip, it’s time be up for anything, and for you to bring your childlike adventurous spirit!! You better get all your napping/sleeping/resting done before you embark on your Girls Trip, because in the grand scheme of things, the weekend is short compared to the rest of the year. This is the weekend that you should plan to live it up, and rest when you return home. (Some people even schedule days off of work when they return back from a Girls Weekend just to recover. Do whatever you need to do boo, just make sure your energy is up when you arrive! 🙂

3. Be prepared to spend more than what you already budgeted for.

If you’re going on a trip then you already know that you will be spending money. (Bonus, if you are hosting a Girls Trip, it would be beneficial to let the group know some of the activities that you guys will be doing during that time, so that they can budget their wallets accordingly.) However, even with the most ironclad itineraries, plans can change. You may initially think that you are just doing X, Y, an Z, but then in real time the group decides to do L, M, N, O, an P! In other words, at any moment of the trip, a new idea for a new excursion can occur, so definitely plan to bring a generous amount of “just in case” money. Plus, you never know if you and the group members have to put your money up to bail someone out of jail. (Just sayin.) Be prepared!

4. If you are going through a breakup, or are having some tough relationship issues, please have a hard talk with yourself before deciding to go on the Girls Trip. If you are deeply sad, the sad girl vibes are gonna come through no matter how hard you try to party.

Energy is everything, and while you may want to use the trip to try and remedy a broken heart, really assess if you can handle such a trip with a heavy heart. Your girls love you but they are not trying to be around a debbie downer while they are tossing back tequila shots mmkay?

4. Bring an open mind.

When you go on Girls Trips, in some cases, you may not know everyone there. You may only know the host that invites you, and then there are 5 new women that you’ve never met before, but now you’re about to hang out in close quarters for the next several days. There may be some individuals there that are a total contrast to your personality type, and this can be off-putting to some. However, differences can be a good thing! When you are going into an environment where you are meeting new people, it is so important to keep an open mind, because this helps put everyone more at ease. The new girl you just met is “too loud”? “Too quiet”? “Too_____________ (insert whatever judgement here).” The thing is, no one is “too” anything. They are just them. Which may be a lot different than you. When you go into a Girls Trip with an open mind knowing that you will meet some very different (and most times so interesting!) people, that helps you keep your guard down, and helps you be more engaged rather than judge-y. Everyone isn’t going to think, talk, act, or have the same opinions as you, and that is okay. Let people be them and have a good time girl! (And retire judging people. That’s so 1990.)

5. Be prepared to talk about money.

Whether it’s a group outing somewhere or going to get liquor for the house, then chances are everyone is going to be contributing something financially at some part of the trip. Don’t shy away from saying: “Okay here’s my cut!” or “Here’s my portion of the bill!” This keeps any awkwardness or weird shit from developing. For whatever reason people become very uncomfortable when it comes to talking about money, so for the sake of eliminating confusion and tension, just make a concerted effort to always be willing to talk about the cost and how you have your payment ready. Shying away from money talk and hiding when the bill comes is very much unboss-like. We grown ya’ll.

6. Remain flexible in the plans.

As we all know, plans can always change. Add 5, 6, 7 girls to the mix and plans can really change. Reservations can get canceled because everyone was not ready, so they did not make it to the restaurant in time, someone can get ill, bad weather can alter plans, and anything random in between can happen to make you alter your plans. It’s so important to remain flexible and not become attached to doing anything, because when there is a group of people involved, you don’t always have full control on how things will go. Easily adapting to any situation is so key to having a good time on a girls trip.

7. Be prepared to Shake. That. Ass.

This goes without saying. We didn’t come on this Girls Trip to go to the library and read books. We came to party and shake some ass okayyyyyyy!? (This is kind of like a part 2 to Rule #2)

8. If you are a foodie and have scoured out places you want to go, make that known in the group that you want to go to a particular place.

The group may or may not be down to want to eat at where you want, but it is okay for someone to venture off solo to get the shit they want by themselves too. While Girls Trips are very much centered around group dinners, parties and activities, it’s also okay to do things solo. Just communicate that to the group members. The more communicative we are lessens the confusion and resentment amongst the group.

9. Don’t gossip or talk shit about members of the group.

You shouldn’t do this anyway, but especially while you are on a Girls Trip. We’ve all seen it: someone is mad at someone, so then that person goes and vents to another person, then those two are now gossiping over there, then the other person goes and gossips over there, and now more people are getting involved and feeling a way, and now it’s a whole thing! Put a group of women (or men) together, and it’s bound to be some tension amongst somebody. This is so common it’s not even funny. Okay cool, tension arises. This is a natural part of life. However, as grown mature adults, we should be at the point now where if we have issues with a person, we are talking directly to that person about it, and are NOT going to the rest of the group members gossiping and talking shit. That’s very much stank pussy energy and we just not doing that. We’re handling issues like adults and talking to people directly to sort things out.

10. Bring enough outfits for 4 weeks, 5 weekends, 3 months, and 2 days just in case.

You always need options, because again, anything can happen, and damnit, your wardrobe needs to be on standby just in case! I always say you can never be over-prepared but you can always be under-prepared, and being under-prepared sucks. So bring lots of outfit options because you just never really know what can happen, and baby when we go on these Girls Trips we need to be ready to serve these looks piping hot on a plate, all whilst having the best time ever!

I hope you found this post informative! Are you planning any Girls Trips soon? Tell me I wanna know! Have a fabulous weekend yall!


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Rules of Going On A Girls Trip!

  1. I love this post and it’s very much all true! Especially the gossiping being very much stank pussy energy 😩😩😂😂 lmao! I love it here LOL. Hopefully one day in the future we’ll have another girls trip to catch up on. Xoxo

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