2021 Life Update, Part 1!

Happy Summer Fabbies! I haven’t been here since the beginning of the year!

Ehhhh, life be moving fast don’t it?!

Anyway, I have been compelled to write a blog post updating you guys on my life, what I’m into these days and a little bit of other stuff in between. It’s been so long and I have so much to share that I’m splitting these posts into 2 parts. But before I get into all that, I wanted to also say that ya’ll: I have been blogging for 7 YEARS!!!

Seven. Siete. 7!

I started http://www.fabandravenous.com way back in May 2014. If you are an OG follower of this blog then you know that my kids were 1 and 2, we were living in Charlotte, North Carolina, and well, here I am 7 YEARSSSSSS later. (And if you are a true OG follower then you also know that Fabandravenous.com is actually my second blog. My very first blog was called http://www.shoppingwithraven.com which I had from 2011-2012. I started that blog while living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my (then boyfriend hehe hey baby daddy) before the kids were born. My goal with that particular blog was to share any and all cool things that I had found while out shopping. This could be funky jewelry finds, great deals on clothes or shoes, and a little bit of everything in between. I started that blog while also working for a Nonprofit Organization in Milwaukee (hey coworker friends from there if you’re reading this!) That blog in 2011 was my first official creative outlet to sharing stuff with the world, and also a step closer to who I have always been in my soul: a creator. I love to create.

After moving to Italy toward the end of 2011, then having babies back-to-back I eventually ended my Shopping With Raven blog after a year of blogging because chile life was hectic!

But after taking a few years off I decided to start anew, and in 2014 Fab and Ravenous was born. Now, I know that in more recent years on my blog I have gone for long periods of time without posting, and that is probably because as years have gone by, I began starting other projects and businesses both solo and with my hubby. I started an online store back in 2017 called Fab & Ravenous Boutique (yall remember that?!) where I sold accessories and some merch like coffee mugs and t-shirts from some designs I created. That fizzled out after about a year and a half because aside from the Fabbie faces I designed for the coffee mugs, pillows (I was so obsessed with my pillows!) and t-shirts, alot of the accessories I sold were from wholesalers (even though I did make some earrings of my own too!) Running that online store absolutely showed me that yeah I definitely prefer to create my own shit.

So whilst running that online store in 2017 is when I begin to explore the idea of actually designing my own shoes and handbags, and that is when Raven Collection was born. Speaking of Raven Collection, a few weeks ago I released my first Summer Drop, “The Rum Pom Pom Pom” Collection!

Also! I now offer “Shop Pay” on my website where you can split the cost of my products into payments! It doesn’t require a credit check or anything, you just checkout with the button “Shop Pay” and you can choose how you want to split up your payments. Das it!

Okay I completely got off subject right then (shoes will make you do that) because I was talking about my Blog 7-Year Anniversary which led to a quick history lesson! Bahahahahahaha

Anyway, if you are new here or a longterm Fabbie, thank you for taking the time to support me and read my blog posts. Fab and Ravenous has always been like my “home base” where I can share fashion tips, things I’ve learned in this journey of life, recipes (although I’m longggggg overdue for a new recipe post!), motherhood shit and kinda a little bit of everything. It’s my place to share with all of you! So thank you for being here. 🙂

Since my last blog post (which was back in January! *runs and covers face*, a lot has happened yall! My family and I have explored more of Mexico, spending some time in Queretaro, Mexico and León before that. There is just so much beauty in this country, and still so much more for us to explore! (Before we dip and move to somewhere else bahahahaha!)

Okay so where to begin? (Okay technically I already did begin?) Okay first off, I flew to the States for a 9-day trip back in March for my friend Tarekia’s birthday Girls Trip Weekend. (The same Tarekia who I interviewed back in January who has also done so much since our interview. I definitely need to do an update interview with her because not only is she still meal prepping, her website https://www.dontmakemevegan.com/ is up and running, she sells her brand merch, detox teas, had her business in a Vegan Food Festival and more! Homegirl has been working you hear me?!!

But I digress. Hahaha shoutout to Tarekia!

So yes, back in early March I went to LA for Tarekia’s Birthday Girls Trip Weekend. Since I was flying across the border, I had to get a COVID test done three days before my flight. It’s many places around this city that administer the fast tests, so I did that, got my negative results back and headed for LA on a 6 am flight!

While I was in LA I met some of the coolest women! Hey girls heyyy! We stayed in a fabulous Airbnb in Studio City, for a long weekend and did all the things! It was Tarekia’s first time to LA, so she wanted to make sure she did all the touristy things, and I’m so glad she wanted to! Even though I lived in LA, Marina del Rey more specifically, back in 2014-2015, (and yep I blogged during my time in LA, because at that time I was also planning our wedding, so if you want to read about those adventures just search “2014-2015” in the search bar of the blog), I still got to see and eat at places I had never been. I also went a day early before the crew arrived so that hair braider extraordinaire Kyron Christian could braid me up! I met Kyron when I first moved to LA back in 2014, and she has continued to braid me my family’s hair whenever possible over the years. She is also the one who maintained Supreme’s locs when we lived in LA, and started Vito’s locs back in 2016. So grateful for her!

Before getting my hair braided that evening, earlier I went to Marina de Rey and went to the beach and stopped by the house we used to live in when we lived there, then walked around Venice beach for a while before going to the dispensary hehe:

The next day the Tarekia and the rest of the crew and the arrived, and we were off to see the wizard! (Well, not really to see the wizrard but more like off to do as much as we could in that 4-5 days in LA in a pandemic!)

We all had matching shirts and of course this is what mine said. (I mean come on! We were in Cali!)

We hit The Santa Monica Pier while we were there as well. It was a bit chilly the whole time we were in LA, but the sun was shining bright pretty much everyday. Being on the beach is always such a vibe.

More of LA:

After the fabulous LA trip I went to Dallas, Texas to see my sister Tamika and my nephew Cisco for a brief moment before heading back to Mexico. If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen the Video Reels I made that summarized those trips. I had such an awesome time abroad (ha! The States is “abroad” now), and I also had the chance to visit my a few of my favorite stores: Whole Foods and Walgreens! Bahahahaha it’s the little things people:

When I returned back from the States back in March, I did a 3-detox because yall, ya girl ate any and everything while I was there! I also forget that the portion sizes at restaurants in the US are very generous, so honey I was eating eating!

I typically always detox after traveling anyway, as my body is out of my normal “routine” with eating and drinking more than I normally would. I also try to incorporate normal detoxes in my life anyway, which I started doing back in 2017. I started off detoxing one day a week, where I started “Detox Mondays”. You can read all about that here.

Now I detox for 3-days on a monthly basis. I have found that doing these monthly detoxes during my period week is the best. I use those times to rest my body ( I usually don’t go jogging during my cycle days. Luckily for me my cycle lasts for about 4 days so it works out that I detox since I’m already not doing any physical activity.) *Also a quick sidenote: If you struggle with severe cramps, heavy bleeding and long cycle lengths you should give detoxing a try. Yall our diets and what we put in our bodies is connected to all of our bodily functions, and especially women. Whenever I post on my social media stories I always get messages asking me what I eat during these detoxes. So it usually goes like this:

Day 1: All liquids only. Water, hot tea, fresh squeezed juice, and/or smoothies. No sodas or sugary juices. Drinking these liquids out of a wine glass or fancy drinking glass helps detox days be less boring haha!

Day 2: Still drinking the good liquids throughout the day, but now adding to the mix. You can eat any kind of fruit you want, but nothing else for the entire day. My favorite fruits to eat are nectarines, watermelon with spicy seasoning, and mangos. Bananas get honorable mention.

Day 3: The same stuff from Day 1 and 2, but this last day you can incorporate veggies. My go-to vegetable/snack is an avocado with seasonings and fresh squeezed lime juice or tobasco sauce. (ok ok I know tobasco sauce isn’t necessarily detox-y but its the final detox day so it’s all good hahaha).

After my detox is done I am always more conscious of whatever food I am eating next, and it is almost always something healthy that very next day even though I am ‘free’ to eat whatever I want. Doing these detoxes just helps me keep myself in check because while I am a generally healthy eater, ya girl still loves her junk! (As you witnessed from my trip to LA). Plus I’m a Scorpio, and if you know anything about Scorpios we can have a tendency to overindulge in any and everything if we are not careful. So I be careful. Ha!

Also during my detoxes I take herbs/supplements. I take herbs daily anyway whether I’m detoxing or not. Taking herbs coupled with a healthy diet helps to heal your body. And ladies and gentlemen, in being on the planet for almost 4 decades, I have come to realize that we ALL need healing of the mind and body. Everyday. The company that I’ve been ordering my herbs from for the last 3-4 years is https://alkalineherbshop.com/. They have a wonderful selection of herbs, teas, and healing oils. My go-to herbs are pictured below:

If you guys would like me to expound on the benefits of each of the herbs I take in a separate blog post let me know. Because if I did that now ya’ll would be reading til next week!

Also after I returned back from the States, it was time to get to work. I would spend the next several months working on the Summer Release for Raven Collection:

My next drop will be in a few weeks! 😁

Then a few months ago we took a little trip to see 2000 year old pyramids in Teotihuacuan, which is about 3 hours away. So. Much. Beauty!!

After getting blown away by the beauty of the pyramids, we then went to the nearby restaurant called La Gruta. This restaurant is built in volcanic ruins which is basically a gigantic underground cave. Ya’ll it was so beautiful! The food was decadent and delicious! After your meal is complete, one of your (many) servers brings each of you a small candle to light, then place it somewhere along the stairs of other lit candles as a symbol of personal renewal and rebirth. I absolutely loved the entire experience and Zé and Vito had an absolute ball!

Visiting the Teotihuacan Pyramids was a magical experience. You can learn more about the La Gruta restaurant here.

Before heading home ya’ll know had to have a lil herb break:

These last few months we have also been making progress (albeit small) with Alexandria XIIXIIXI, our Sparkling Wine Company. Ya’ll this pandemic has slowed everything down to a snail’s pace because there is ALOT of paperwork and Customs/Border processes that have to be put into place and just the whole nine. In the meantime we’ve been meeting with our team at the wineries, and I’ve been happily taste testing the product whilst learning so much about the industry and the cultivation of the golden liquid:

Building a Champagne company from the ground up is tedious, humbling, yet exciting, and I am certainly enjoying the journey!

Okay that’s all for today guys, but stay tuned for Part 2 where I share what else I’ve been up to over the last few months, including getting Accupuncture twice a month, my newest tattoos and what inspired them, the books I’m reading, my newest food obsession, the work that our Nonprofit Foundation is doing, and my newest (but not really new at all) project that’s been on the tuck for 7 years and of course: outfitsssssssss!

And here’s a final photo dump of me also changing my hairstyle fifty eleven times in the first half of 2021. Enjoy!

Switch up game crazy. 😜

See yall in Part 2!


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