What To Wear On A First Date

Happy Thursday Fabbies! How is everyone’s summer going? (Or winter, depending on where ever you are in the world). The summer weather here in San Miguel de Allende is pretty mild, which is a pretty big change considering I’m coming from the hot desert that is Arizona. During the day, it is typically anywhere from 75 degrees to 85 degrees, and the mornings and evenings are cool, where it feels like its Fall. Plus, it rains here! It never rained in Arizona haha! It’s raining right now as we speak actually, creating the perfect backdrop of sound as I write this blog post. Anywho, today’s post is all about outfits and storytelling! It’s been a good minute since I’ve posted a “What To Wear” post, so today’s blog will be about what to wear on a 1st Date! (And if you’re past the “1st date stage and are already boo-ed up, this post will give you date night ideas for the future too. 😉

This meme though? 🤣🤣😂

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a 1st date-twelve years to be exact-but I still can remember my first date with Supreme fairly well.

Shall I paint the scene for you?

The year was 2007. Supreme and I had been “kicking it” (whatever your definition of “kicking it” is, use that here. haha) for several months. After getting over the fact that I was such a mature woman and he was so young, (me being 24, and him being 20), I was really liking this guy! Lawd! He was a mere baby in my mind! Anyway, that is a story for another day. Ha! But yes, after kicking it for awhile, and having so much fun at my grown-up, mature apartment in East Memphis, we decided to finally go out on a formal date. Supreme picked the place, which was an Italian restaurant called Pete & Sam’s near the University of Memphis campus. I had never been there before, even though I used to frequent the area all the time years before he had even moved to Memphis.

**Sidenote, Supreme and I met in 2007. He was a student at the The University of Memphis, but at that point I had already graduated from The University of Memphis in  2005, (which is the year Supreme came to Memphis), and I had been living in Memphis for 6 years at that point. Supreme had been living in Memphis for only 1.5 years, and picked a place I had never been to for our first date. I was impressed.

So anyway, for our date, I was pretty casual; at that point I was already really comfortable around Supreme, so I did not obsess or spend a lot of time picking out an outfit. I just knew that whatever I wore it was going to be cute though. I mean, it was coming from my closet. ;D  I wore denim suspender-style jeans, a white ribbed turtleneck short sleeve sweater, some chandelier gold earrings, and gold strappy sandals.  I also wore this blue purse that  use to love that I got from Aldo that I paired with my outfit. I think he may have been a little bit more dressed up than me! He had on a button down shirt and some jeans.

The restaurant, Pete and Sam’s turned out to be so cute and cozy, and was well known in the city, after being in business over 50 years. I was like, “how have I never been here?!” The food was amazing from what I can remember. I wasn’t vegan at the time, but I’m sure I ordered some mozzarella sticks, some oysters or shrimp something and mushrooms hahaha. I honestly don’t remember what I ate…but I remember what I wore 😉

While this is not my exact outfit, it is very close to what I wore on my first date 12 years ago.

Sadly I don’t have any pictures of us during those ancient times, but here are a few pics of the restaurant I found online:

After that date, Supreme and I would order takeout from Pete & Sam’s often until he moved to New Jersey. We then were dating long distance, so whenever I flew to see him from Memphis, we would sometimes go to another bomb Italian restaurant in Hoboken, New Jersey that we became obsessed with too! We. Love. Italian. Food. I think the universe listened to our subconscious minds closely, because 4 years after our first date at the Italian restaurant Pete & Sam’s, we ended up moving to Italy in 2011 for a year! (While I was 7 months pregnant! Zé was born there!) So now we had authentic Italian food at our fingertips, which we took full advantage of.  If that isn’t foreshadowing I don’t know what is!

I was 8 months pregnant with Zé here, This was in our condo in Bologna, Italy.
We actually were headed out to dinner (another date night look! ) this night; enjoying our last few moments as a twosome before Zé arrived.
And there she is! 4 weeks old here. 🙂
My first workout 8 weeks postpartum. Supreme and I took her to the park, and I jogged while he pushed her around in the stroller.

Life is crazy right? Eat at an Italian restaurant for a first date, then years later move to Italy and have an Italian baby who has dual citizenship.

But I digress.

If you fabulous fashionistas are needing some outfit inspo on what to wear on a first date, then I got ya covered. Of course, where you go on your first date oftentimes will determine just how dressed up or down you should be, but they key is to always be COMFORTABLE. You do not want to be on a 1st date with a person and you’re constantly tugging on your clothes or having to sit up super erect because your dress or shirt is too tight. Girl! Take those uncomfortable clothes off! So today, I’ve provided several options for you whether you’re going to a ball game or to a fancy dinner, I’m sure there’s something below that you might rock with:

This is perfect for a lunch date, a movie date, a sporting event…It’s casual but so chic.
I love everything about this. It’s comfortable, perfect for days where you feel bloated or kinda blah, but you still serving. You know? Lunch date, movies, bowling, the arcade, anywhere!
Simple but so feminine. Cute for lunch or dinner dates. Add a cute blazer or neck scarf to jazz it up it even more.
I am so loving the dress and sneaker trend. Comfort is always queen with me, so this whole look is probably my fave. The dress is super feminine, and the shoes (and let’s be honest, those Fenty Shades), help balance out the prissiness of the dress.
Does this look just scream, “I’m super into art.” I love it! Where it wherever girl!
Cool girl vibes. I love a good cowboy boot, and this one is kinda fancy but more and likely still comfortable because of the chunky heel. And I’m not makeup guru but I feel like a dark lip would be fire with this look.
This look is perfect if you’re going somewhere a little bit more fancy like an upscale restaurant or to a play or show. It’s easy breezy, will look flattering on most shapes, and looks super comfy.
Okay I like hats. If hats aren’t your thing you can lose the hat, but this outfit is just too cute! Perfect for any occasion really: lunch, dinner, a play, a museum…I’m obsessed with these pants!

Did you guys see anything you like? Might I add, you don’t actually need to go on a date to wear any of this shit. Take your damn self out and look fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend Fabbies!


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