It’s My 5 Year Blog Anniversary! (And Let’s Also Celebrate Because I’ve Kept The Same Hair Color For 6 Months!)

Hello There Fabbies! Today marks year FIVE that has been up and running. Can you believe that?! FIVE. YEARS. That’s how long it takes to graduate college for some people! (or high school depending on if teachers was hating with the grades hahaha). Five years is how long it takes me to do Zé’s hair. Five years is how long I’ve been sketching designs. Five years is how long it takes me to fold laundry after it’s been sitting in the basket all week. Five years is almost all of Vito’s life! Five years is a long time to be doing anything if you ask me. And well, here I am, five years later: still blogging!

It’s crazy to think that I started this blog from our (then) home in Charlotte, North Carolina when both of my babies were still in diapers. I started Fab & Ravenous to really just share my life with you guys. Share my travels, my adventures, my food (‘Ravenous’ is my blog name for a reason. Ya girl loves to EAT!), and other little pieces of my life here and there. It has become a visual journal so to speak, but without the venting sessions or stream of conscious writing that typical journals encase. Do I share mostly the highlights of my life? Absolutely! This blog wasn’t necessarily created to share the low moments I endure, or the not so great happenings in my life.  I just choose to keep Fab and Ravenous, well fabulous and ravenous. I want this blog to be a place people come to for fashion or hair inspiration, recipes, or whatever else. To maybe learn something new. And it seems as though that’s what this blog has done for some, and for that, I am so thankful, and happy to keep sharing!

On another note, I have to also share that I have not dyed my hair in almost 6 months. It has been pink since late November.


I never do this!! I actually said when I first dyed my hair pink that I was going to plan to keep it pink for the entire 2019. And Well, here we are at the end of May, and I still have pink (albeit, faded and ombre now) hair! The fact that I have maintained this blog for FIVE years, AND have kept the same hair color for half the year needs to be celebrated! Or, at the very least, lets go down memory lane of the pink hairstyles (with and without braids) that have endured this 6 month cycle:

When I first dyed my hair pink and blow dried it out haha
Christmas 2018. (We’re continuing the matching pjs tradition until they’re 30 and 31. and maybe even after haha


Marley twists!


I legit take a selfie after every single one of my runs outside. So yeah, there’s that.


At our favorite Ethiopian restaurant in Arizona, twinning and taking bathroom selfies


When I re-dyed it pink in February.


Zé and I got our hair done this day and went out to lunch afterwards. It was such a fun mommy/daughter day!


LegoLand adventures with the family this day


Watching the kids play at LegoLand


The pink mohawk is always a good idea.


The “I’m moving to Mexico” braids


Traveling in style
New selfie mirror in our Mexican home!


Exploring the neighborhood on a jog this day


Maybe I was high as a kite. Maybe not.
Errand running this day.


Me and Supreme traveled to Sacramento, California back in March for a few days, and my pink hair was on full display there too:





Headed to see the Sacramento Kings and Brooklyn Nets play


lol at babe in the background


This was our first trip away from the kids TOGETHER since we’ve been parents. So crazy!


tipsy fo sho


This was after visiting our favorite Thai restaurant. We literally eat there on a weekly basis.


Headed to visit our winery!


When my mom came to Mexico back in March, I got us matching pjs


My friend Brittanii made me this sweatshirt and it instantly has become my fave! It says “Do The Most Always”. This is literally my life’s motto! Find her on Instagram at @1_b_nicole so she customize or make you whatever your heart desires!


Cinco de Mayo in Mexico!


As some of you already know, over the course of these last five years I have done so many other things: I launched an online accessory store in January 2017 that I maintained for a year, Fab and Ravenous Boutique, only to close it down last February 2018 to spend all my free time time developing Raven Collection. I also help Supreme run his clothing line DCTG Sportswear (since he launched it in 2015), and am also his designer for that as well. We homeschool our kids. We started a Non-Profit Foundation. We are developing our very own champagne. (More on that tipsy excitement later!) And of course life and family stuff all in between. So for me to do alllllllllll that, and still find time to blog is beyond me. Well, actually, it’s not beyond me. I continue to blog because I love it. Again, it’s my visual journal. It’s a place where I can share my life with you guys, outside of the realm of social media. I always say I need to update it more, and I honestly do plan to! I mean, this blog is mine. It’s me. I can go back to older posts and look at my kids when they were still in strollers. I can see my documented travels around the globe. I can witness my own growth over the years…

I started this blog a bit over 31 years old, with different beliefs, eating habits, ideals, thought patterns, etc.. Five years later, on the other side of 35, I am still me…but different. I have grown so much. In inexplicable ways that only I would truly understand, and am so damn proud of.

I live in Mexico now. This is something that never crossed my mind back in 2014. I was living in North Carolina then! I have gained readership from all over the world, and to this day that still blows my mind. I mean, I know some of my readers have stumbled upon my blog from all over the world whilst searching for date night outfits, “how-to-wear” fashion posts, and etc. from good ole Google. But I know those Google searches have led some of you here, and some of you have chosen to stay, periodically checking my site to see if I have posted anything new. And for that, I am grateful. Grateful that you have chosen to take the time to read my posts, thankful that you care enough to read about whatever it is that I have to say, and am thankful that you just have chosen to rock with me after all these years. And if you are a new reader, I am thankful for you too! I am truly humbled and beyond grateful that people from every corner of the globe have come across my blog. Just to give you idea, here are the countries that read Fab & Ravenous in 2018:


Thank you guys again for rocking with me. I appreciate you dearly, and hope you continue to come check out what’s going on my website. Cheers to all of you, and I hope you have a Fab and Ravenous weekend!

Five years eh? Let’s continue this journey and see what happens next. 😉


P.S. I’m probably going to dye my hair again soon. 6 months is long enough. Bahahahahaha

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