Favorite Looks Of 2018!

Happy Friday Fabbies! As you all know, since starting my blog, I do a fashion/hairstyle recap of my favorite looks for the entire year. And well, here we are again. (And if you want to check those posts out, you can find them here, here, and here.) 2018 was all about long braids, Raven Collection shoes, and of course, hair color changes (duh).

I started 2018 off with long, butt length blonde box braids. 3 lovely African women braided my hair all at one time, and I sooooo loved that hairstyle! I started the year off with going to a fashion event here in Arizona, where I opted to wear a grey monochromatic look:


It was there I met my friend and fashion designer/owner of Wethaute Couture, Ariana Vazquez.


You can check out her fabulous swimwear and resortwear line here at www.wethautecouture.com.

Another one of my favorite looks The look below is actually featured in a previous blog post, on how to wear head to toe prints:


In early March, Supreme had an interview with CBS set up at a hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the family was all asked to come along. I opted to wear my favorite piece of clothing: the jumpsuit! I wore a super comfy denim jumpsuit, paired with my Raven Collection pumps and Raven Collection trunk handbag. And my infamous side poof hairstyle made its appearance as well:


After enjoying wear my hair free and big for about a month or so, I was ready for a change. So I dyed my hair red! Like, bright as a clown nose, red. And I loved it as well! My first time leaving the house as a newly-dyed redhead, I decided to wear all white: white high-waisted jean ripped at the knee (fashionnova.com) , a see through mesh top (I think this is from Gap from like a decade ago!), and platform hiking boot heels. So fetch, I’d say:


I also rocked an all-black look from www.kloapparel.com to attend Ariana’s pop-up shop event:



After rocking the red barbie ponytail for a while, it was time to get braided up again. I was preparing to go to New York to be apart of my friend Billy Joe’s Art Show, and I didn’t want to be bothered with doing my hair, per usual! So I went for waist-length red braids (done by the African sisters again), and served everything from airport chic to high fashion glam in NYC rocking those braids:


For my plane ride to NYC, I wore a red velour sweatsuit by one of my favorite designers, Laina Rauma. She makes the comfiest and sexiest clothes ever! (I have like half of her online store in my closet and cannot wait to wear everything: www.lainarauma.com). I paired with them with my black Balmain sock sneakers. This outfit was perfect for several reasons: I had a red eye flight, so it was nice and warm and cozy for an overnight flight. This is one of the reasons I love traveling with a hat or scarf on my head: When I sleep on the plane I call pull my hat down low, or if I’m wearing a scarf, wrap that around my shoulders and face, and sleep peacefully! Ha!

I walked around New York City for a bit after I landed wearing the same outfit, and continued to deliver cozy chic from the airplane to the streets, topping the outfit off with my skully hat from hubby’s line www.dctgsportswear.com:


Then after landing around the same time my sister did, which was well before our hotel check-in time, we walked around NYC looking for some place to eat lunch. Along the way, of course we had to stop in the middle of an alley and take pictures. Because, it’s New York:

Photos by Hans Gonzalez Photography


And then we went sight seeing for a bit:


That night in NYC for dinner, I wore a leopard bodysuit from Nastygal, jeans from asos.com, my gucci waist bag, and black faux leather newsboy cap. And or course, Raven Collection on my feet:


Me and Tamika on our Sex and The City sh*t



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And for the event that night, I wore a super-glommed up look, sporting a black fascinator, multicolor faux fur coat from Dollskill, and black fitted mermaid dress from asos, all complete with my Raven Collection heels:


Greeting Billy Joe when I got to the event in Brooklyn.


Hey spliff


Crew love
With Billy Joe and Tamika after Billy Joe’s art show
With Billy Joe and Ashley, another dope artist


For brunch the next day, I wore an allover ruffle patterned blouse and skinny jeans, coupled with the updated version of my very first Raven Collection design: the Prima Pumps, and of course, my favorite matching handbag:




Brunching With Billy Joe

After our Sunday brunch, it was the perfect time to have another photoshoot with Tamika. (I mean, any reason is an excuse to take pictures right?) My photographer was great all weekend. You can check out his work at www.hansimages.com.


Photography by Hans Photography in NYC

After returning back to Arizona from NYC, I ended up keeping my red braids for about a month and a half. Here are a few other looks of me when my hair was braided whilst red:


After red braids, I left my hair breathe for about a month or so, then went back to braids again, as my red hair color had faded a great deal, and I wasn’t ready to dye my hair again. (And that was partly due to the reason that I really was not sure what color I wanted my hair to be next.) So I went with some fun blue and pink braids, styled a few different ways:


Then I switched up the style, and opted for corn rows. I had the cutest outfit on to run errands one day, and didn’t get a chance to get outfit pics. I managed to snap a few selfies in a reflection window, and of course some driver seat selfies as well, just so y’all can get the gist:


After the pink and turquoise braids, it was time for a quick change up, as I was now heading to New Orleans for Brittanii’s epic Bachelorette Weekend. For that trip, I chose to do purple and blue braids. (Are you guys keeping count of the hair color changes yet?)

The first place I debuted the braids was the airport. Another red eye overnight flight. I wore a scarf, my onesie, and the balmain sneakers again:


And over the course of her Bachelorette Weekend, it was so fun to dress up to go out eating, drinking, and dancing all weekend long:

If you recall, I stayed a few extra days in New Orleans just to have some solo “mommy time” in the city, and I chose comfortable clothes for the rest of my stay:



I also have this velour sweatsuit in red, which I wore on the plane when I traveled to New York a few months back. Life goals is to get this thing in every single color!


Wearing Raven Collection flat sandals, a sweat dress from ASOS, and my favorite camoflauge hat.



After enjoying all that New Orleans had to offer, August was another month full of getting to wear dresses again! Quick story: Back in early summer, I was chosen to participate in Phoenix Fashion Week’s Upcoming Designer Bootcamp. After initially starting it in June, I soon realized that my crazy busy schedule would not allow me to participate in the bootcamp for 5 months, so I had to withdraw from the competition. Fast forward to August, and the production company producing a docu-series on the event asked me to come and do an interview explaining why I chose to withdraw from the competition, and we also did a photoshoot. I was on set for hours upon hours, but it was so thrilling to be able to talk about Raven Collection and my upcoming plans:



And the after taking photos, I then had more interviews to do, discussing my upcoming designs, which are my favorites, when I plan to launch, and how I was in the midst of waiting on Brittanii’s wedding shoes to be completed. (Her wedding was the very next weekend!)

Wearing a DCTG Sportswear baseball jersey from my hubby’s line over a blue sleeveless one piece body suit.


As I mentioned earlier, Brittanii’s wedding the very next week after that interview and photoshoot, so it was time to get ready to travel back to New York City Again. I wore of course, a maroon onesie this time around (from boohoo.com), Raven Collection flats, and had my Raven Collection matching backpack as well: (This was after I landed in NYC and went searching for food:)

For the wedding, I wore a white faux fur cropped jacket, white skater dress, and Raven Collection Chain Heels:


And the Bride/My Bff Sporting The Raven Collection shoes and handbag:


The day after the wedding, I watched Sex and the City Movie on E in my hotel room, and got ready to visit stores that I would potentially see Raven Collection products being carried. It was such an exhilarating day, meeting with employees in these beautiful stores, and my outfit reflected my mood perfectly:



Another one of my favorite looks was in early November, when I went to The Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships to support Ariana who was a vendor there. I wore a lace double ruffle skater dress from Fashionnova, (and the material is thick and good quality. I was pleasantly surprised.), along with my Raven Collection Dulce Snakeskin Booties, and matching tote bag. Oh, and the side poof hairstyle made another appearance:


The very next weekend, my friend Ashlee had an event that took place at the Ritz Residences, which is a new development underway in Scottsdale, Arizona. I wore a houndstooth skater dress, the Raven Collection Dulce Booties and Tote Bag in White, paired with badass tights, and a badass ponytail:


My friend and neighbor Ashlee!


That next week, it was my birthday! So the family and I had lunch at our favorite spot to go for anyone’s birthday, Pomegranate Cafe, because they have the best vegan bakery and cakes. I wore a white allover logo print tracksuit from my hubby’s DCTG Sportswear clothing line, paired with Raven Collection Chain link sandals


I had a spa day, ate way too much food, spent time with my family, and had the best herbs money can buy! It was the best day ever! hahahaha

To close out the year of my favorite looks, I met a friend for lunch, and wore my throwback ‘MaryJane’ tee from my old store, FRB, paired with white ripped at the knee jeans, The CozeV Pink Heels from Raven Collection, and faux fur multi-color jacket from Dollskill:


Whew! That was a lot of looks served in the Year 2018! And if you lasted this long and read through all the pictures, I commend you! Ha! No, but seriously, I hope you gained some outfit inspirations, ideas, or just enjoyed the photo gallery! I can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans I will be up to with my look for 2019! You know the possibilities are endless! 😉

Here’s to a prosperous, abundant, and soul-filled year of happiness to all of my Fabbies out there! Cheers to your success of making it this far! And remember:


Happy New Year!

Love you guys!



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