That Time My Brunch Outfit Matched Our New Orleans Bachelorette House

Hey Fabbies! If you follow me on social media, then you know that a few weeks ago I flew down to New Orleans to be apart of my best friend Brittanii’s bachelorette weekend. (To read all about details of what I wore, ate, and more, CLICK HERE.)  We rented the CUTEST shotgun house in the French Quarter, where the shutters and door on the front of the house were a mint green color. Guess what? So was my brunch outfit! So naturally, I had to have a photoshoot there, complete with poses, all wearing a pair of Raven Collection sandals (yes my own design! 🙂 I wore a mint bodysuit with matching tutu skirt, statement jeweled necklace, my signature extra-large hoop earrings, and fabulous vintage Judith Leiber belt.Because I had so much fun taking so many pictures, (shout out to Brittanii for being such an awesome photographer!), I knew they could have their own moment in their own blog post. Ha! So Enjoy!


Shoutout to my tan tho.


The second star of this outfit (besides the shoes duh) was my vintage Judith Leiber gold belt, which snatched everything all the way together. The house itself served as a great prop for this impromptu photoshoot, which make for the best kind of moments. I had so much fun channeling my inner Carrie from Sex and the City!


Have A Fabulous Week!


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