Travel Series: Places I Have Been In The World and Why You Need To Go!

Hey Fabbies! I am doing a new series for my blog, detailing random cities that I have visited or lived in (and if you have been following this blog for quite some time, then you know that I have lived all over the United States, and even Italy!) I started thinking about how much I love to travel, and how there are so many more cities that I cannot wait to visit. Hopefully, this will inspire many of you to get out and explore what great cities this world has to offer too!

The first city that I want to highlight in this series is Birmingham, Alabama. I have so many great memories of Birmingham. My younger sister, Diamond, went to school at The University of Alabama at Birmingham, or UAB. She played basketball there, and my other sister Tamika and I (and sometimes a few friends) would have the most EPIC road trips from Memphis to visit her and watch her play there.

When we visited Diamond, we would often stay with her at her on-campus apartment. Had we not had that option, however, we (of course) would have stayed in a nearby hotel. Click here to check out these great Birmingham hotels. And no matter where you to decide to reside while visiting Birmingham, just know that there is so much to discover and explore!


Image via Flickr by shelbycearly

Because every good trip out of town deserves a great shopping day, one of our favorite places to visit in Birmingham was their gargantuan mall, The Riverchase Galleria. Most people could get lost in this mall because it’s so big! They have a huge food court with countless options, all of your favorite stores (and more), cool restaurants, and the cutest carousel I’ve ever seen — so you can take your kids here as well to enjoy a full day of shopping and eating.


Image via Flickr by Carol Roark Wright

Birmingham also has an amazing museum, The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, that depicts a rich history of the Civil Rights era. This museum offers incredible visuals, videos, and information that is appropriate for both adults and children alike. It has even been described as an emotional experience for many visitors. Check out their official website for more information.

Recreational Parks

Image via Flickr by David Youngblood

There a is a historic landmark in Birmingham, Alabama, called Railroad Park. This place is located downtown and is a huge attraction for both locals and tourists. The Park is 30 percent water and covers almost 20 acres of land, including beautiful trees, greenery, flowers, and open lawn. It also offers many seasonal and year-round activities, including concerts, 5K races, family recreational activities, and even an ice skating rink in the winter! For more information click here.

Birmingham is a gem of a city, and probably to many readers’ surprise, has tons to offer. The landscape of the city even includes picturesque mountains and rolling hills, making for a beautiful scenic drive as you explore all of Birmingham’s splendor. Take some time to explore this amazing and gorgeous town!

Have A Great Week!

xoxo Raven

One reply to “Travel Series: Places I Have Been In The World and Why You Need To Go!

  1. Hey Raven DIL! Enjoyed reading this blog episode on Dallas. Makes me want to visit. Lots of shopping, history, and interesting places to visit. Would especially enjoy the civil rights museum. Gonna put Dallas on my list. Enjoyed seeing pictures of The Rogers Sisters – Diamond, Tamika and you. Keep writing!


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