How To Wear White Pumps

Hey Fabbies! Do you guys remember there used to be a time where “they” said that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day? And white shoes? Ha! Forget about it! Well even though fashion rules (much like many rules in general) are now considered antiquated and out-dated, many people have opted to wear whatever they want before and after Labor Day, including white shoes. However, white shoes, or more specifically, white heels, seem to intimidate some women! Well I am here to tell you that white shoes are just as fabulous as any other color, and in this post, I have put together several outfit looks to show you just how great they look when paired with different outfits!The color “White” in fashion is the quintessential neutral color: white goes with EVERYTHING. We all know this to be true. And it is no different when wearing a white high heeled sexy ass pump! Because white is such a versatile color, you can pair white pumps with so many different types of looks, from ultra feminine, to sporty, to tomboy chic. Below I have put together varying looks that I just KNOW ya’ll are gonna love!

Denim jumpsuits are so fun to style. They are like blank canvases, and the right accessories can dress this look up or down. I’d wear this look to lunch, the movies, or for dinner:

Black, red, and white are such great complementary colors. Pairing white pumps with this polka dot romper is the perfect choice for this outfit:

I love these pants so much! Serious brunch vibes with this look:

When you’re a girly girl with a little edge! And how about this skirt?! This outfit is perfect to wear to a baby or wedding shower, or for a lunch date:

Ahhh another romper. Ultra feminine. Perfect for date night, dinner, a party, or wherever!

I just love a good turtleneck! And paired with a beret and chic accessories, this looks screams “she’s got her shit together!” Wear this for casual look to dinner or shopping:

I love a crisp white blazer! This look is very sophisticated, but the colored jeans also give it more of a relaxed vibe. I especially love the textured pink and white bag. (And of course my favorite color is pink, so this look is probably my overall favorite):

Every woman should own at least one sweater dress, similar to the one below. It is sooooo versatile, comfortable, and is flattering on most body types. Also, turtle neck sweater dresses look great when paired with skinny jeans or leggings. The look below is perfect to wear to work, and you could add a cute blazer to complete the corporate look. This outfit also easily transitions into a Happy Hour look after you leave work and head to meet your girls for drinks:

The look below says Olivia Pope meets Carrie Bradshaw. Don’t you just want to fly to New York City real quick, Go to The Ty Bar at The Four Seasons, order a drink and an appetizer, pay your bill, then leave?! Just on some real fly boss shit?! Anyway, the outfit below dreams all of that!

I love a good white pump. It goes with everything, and it’s sexy! It should definitely be the new staple in a woman’s closet!

Which look was your favorite? Let me know! Have a great week Fabbies!


4 replies to “How To Wear White Pumps

    1. It’s my pleasure! Thank you for reading, and please do go out and treat yourself to a fabulous pair of white pumps! Your wardrobe will thank you! 😉 xoxo


  1. Great outfits DIL. As always I enjoyed your blog. Haven’t owned white pumps in years but may consider a pair for summer (through Labor Day). Lol


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