New Hair Who Dis?

Hey Fabbies! Happy Tuesday! The other day, I dyed my hair RED! I’m talking, bright as a stop sign red. (And to be even more specific, the color is called “Red Passion” by Manic Panic. I have known for a months now that red would be next hair color, because I had become fixated on doing a bright, cheery hair color next. I have had red hair before back in 2016 (you can see the photos from those looks HERE), but this time I plan to keep the red color for longer than a month! Ha! Red is such a fun and vibrant color in general, so dying my hair, then donning a long red weave ponytail with it just screams “I’m gonna have such a popping ass Spring!” Before going red, I had been blonde for several months, and was so ready for a change! Of course I change my hair color and hairstyles frequently, but I have been giving myself more time with each hair color so I won’t have to bleach my hair often. I typically bleach my hair once or twice a year. I basically taught myself how, and have been on a hair dyeing spree ever since! (The first time I bleached my own hair, my older sister, Tamika, was visiting me and we had a ball! She bleached hers too. Read all about our booze-filled hair bleaching experience HERE.)

As always, when I get a new hairstyle, I have a mini photoshoot where I seriously just pose and have fun basking in my new look. I LIVE for a good change up. And of course I had to share my pictures here on my blog, because I know y’all live for a good change up too. 😉

So enjoy! And here’s to red hair for the Spring! Let’s see if it lasts until summer!

My jeans are from, and my sheer top is from H&M from a few years ago. Boots are from only God knows where (I bought them while living in LA is all I remember), and my choker and accessories are all from my store

Do redheads have more fun? I guess we will have to wait and see!! ;o

Have a wonderful week Fabbies!


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