25 Healthy Ways To Deal With Stress

Happy Monday Fabbies! We are officially in the last month of the year! How quickly did 2017 go?! This year really felt like one of the fastest years in my recent memory. Oftentimes when December and the Holidays roll around, people often get so stressed out: “what am I going to buy________?” “I don’t have enough money to get everyone gifts this year!” “I have to host 15 people at my house! I have so much to do!” And the list goes on. The Holidays often brings a lot of mixed emotions for many, and stress, and even depression often find their way into people’s mental psyche. I found a GREAT list on Pinterest that lists 25 ways to help you deal with stress, and I felt that my readers could definitely benefit from this list.But before I share this list, may I please ask of my readers to NOT get caught up in the “Holiday Hype” this season? The Holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate love and family, but on the flip side, we should definitely not place so much pressure on ourselves to buy the perfect gift, have the perfect house to decorate, have the perfect family situation, or feel the need to feel festive, even if we aren’t in the mood to be. And if you are looking for gifts, I did compile a list of inexpensive Christmas gift ideas last year that you can read HERE,or of course you can get some great stuff at my STORE. 🙂 But please, don’t sweat it! We all have to be aware of stress, and how it can creep up on us, especially during the holidays. We have to remember to always take care of ourselves first:

Photo: Pinterest

Some of the things on this list seem like a no-brainer, but I know some are definitely easier said than done. Sometimes maintaining peace and balance in our life takes a little bit of extra work, but we are all definitely worth it. And at the end of the day, God and the Universe wants us to be happy, so it is our responsibility to ourselves to make sure our well being is all good, all year round. I definitely have been wanting to journal more, so I should start that today! Writing things down really helps me evaluate and process my feelings, because being the true Scorpio that I am, I can sometimes suppress my feelings, and journaling is so therapeutic! Are there any things on the list that you already do, or that you want to start? Let me know!

P.S. I am heading to Miami this week for Art Basel to be apart of my friend Billy Joe’s art exhibit, and I have a ton of stuff to do before I leave, so I definitely should adhere to number 5 and 6 on the list this week! And definitely stay tuned for the outfit recap blog post of that weekend, PLUS I have hired a videographer, so the whole weekend will be vlogged for my YouTube page, so stay tuned for that too! Yassss girl. Yassssss.

Have an excellent week Fabbies!


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