It’s Our Two Year Wedding Anniversary!-Throwback Photos of Us (And A Few Current Ones)

Hey Fabbies! Today happens to be my 2nd Wedding Anniversary! Whoop Whoop! Cue the fireworks, pop the champagne, pass the j, and all do all those other celebratory actions that come with yearly milestone events. Supreme and I got married two years ago today in Costa Rica. (To see my wedding photos and all things wedding-related click HERE). Our day started off with sheepish “we-been-together-so-long-that-we-truly-almost-forgot-it-was-our-anniversary”, grins at each other. And not in a clichéd old married couple way, where you are either tired of each other by now or you don’t celebrate anymore because “ehhh what’s the big deal”? But we truly are at the point where we celebrate each other often and throughout the year, and not just on “holidays”. So when things like Valentine’s Day or Anniversaries come up, we treat them just as special as any other day, and that is by honoring, respecting, and loving each other unconditionally. 

Not to get too deep (he’s probably already somewhere hiding in his man cave because his extremely private, introverted (and fine as hell) self rather I be just as private as he is. But he knows that my extroverted and love-to-share self loves it, so we meet somewhere in the middle. 😉 Which is how we pretty much do life: we respect our differences, get drowned in our similarities, inspire each other immensely, express our love early and often to each other, and are growing with each other, month by month, week by week, and day by day. And most importantly, we’re having a hell of a lot of fun along the way. We’ve been doing life together for over 10 years now, so our 2nd WEDDING anniversary really is like, ehhh. Because, not to get all Hallmark Card on you or anything, but each day with my husband really is special. He allows me to be me, and I allow him to be him, and no matter the mood or circumstance, we love each other conditionally.


Memory Lane Photos! Enjoy!

In NYC 2008
When we were long-distancing it in 2009. (In Jersey here)
On our way to the airport to head to Hawaii for vacay, Jersey 2009
Headed to Hawaii! 2009

Young Raven and Preme
In Mexico 2011 on a 7-day cruise. (I was newly pregnant with Zé also)
Date night in LA 2014


Before heading to date night 2012.
I was pregnant with Vito and didn’t know it here either lol!
Christmas 2013-Frisco, Texas

My Birthday and Date Night in 2013, Frisco, Texas

Halloween 2013-Texas


In our bathroom during late night “date nights” complete with music, laughs, and doobs. Vito still slept in our bedroom at that time so we never wanted to be too far away lol

Having fun after dinner. (My mom was the photographer lol)-Charlotte 2014

And more randoms:


Dressing Room at Neiman Marcus, Charlotte, NC 2014


Vito’s first birthday party in Charlotte, 2014

Vegan Fest in Los Angeles, 2017


Wedding Ceremony, Costa Rica, August 2015

At our favorite Ethiopian restaurant-Phoenix, November 2016
Christmas 2016-Phoenix

A few weeks ago lol


Me taking selfies in his Mancave-Feb 2017

He’s my person. 🙂

Have a fabulous week yall!


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