My Trip To Dallas To Visit My Sisters and Friends! (Tons of Pictures!)

Hey Fabbies! A few weeks ago I took a trip down to Dallas, Texas. My older sister Tamika lives there, and my good friend Brittanii just moved right outside of Dallas at the start of the year. Brittanii held a Rodeo-Themed birthday party at her home, and I would not have missed that for the world! Her party could not have come at a more perfect time, because it gave me the opportunity to not only see her, but to also reunite with my sister Tamika, AND my younger sister Diamond came down for the weekend from Mississippi as well. I had not seen any of them since almost a year ago when we were all together at my house for #LitintheDesert Girls Weekend! This was also my first kid-free weekend in over a year, so it was a much needed little getaway for a Mommy break! 

My flight was on a Thursday morning, so I woke up extra early to do last minute things around the house. The night before I cooked vegan lasagna (a favorite in this household) for babe and the kids so that they could eat on that for a few days while I was gone. The morning of my flight, I also made them homemade vegan blueberry muffins, another obsession in our household lol! (Okay at this point I knew I was probably doing too much trying to bake before I left, but I mean, I wanted to make sure they had enough to eat! Sue me!)


I got the amazing recipe from my friend Eva’s food blog, which you can get HERE.  After finishing up the muffins, adding last minute things to my suitcase, it was then time to order my uber and head to the airport. But not before taking outfit pictures before I left! 🙂 I opted to wear a royal blue sleeveless one piece, paired with a floral print kimono (tied around my waist), Detroit Tigers fitted hat, and sandals:

And of course airplane selfies are pretty much required right?

Also, as a person who likes to plan ahead, I made sure to bring my own snacks for the plane ride. I brought some spicy roasted chickpeas (that I also roasted the night before) along for the ride, and also ate on these throughout the weekend:

You gotta plan ahead son!

After a relatively quick flight, I landed in Dallas, but we had to sit on the runway for about 45 minutes due to the lightning (?), so we were not able to exit the plane until it subsided. My sister, Tamika and my nephew Cisco were there to pick me up, and after lots of hugs and kisses, we headed straight to Sprouts (one of my favorite grocery stores) to pick up groceries for the weekend. This was our plan before I got there, because I said to my sister, “I already know you don’t have anything in your house that I can eat, and well, I love to eat, so we have to stock up your fridge ASAP!” She laughed and agreed. So off to Sprouts we went, where I got my ingredients to make vegan rotel dip (my recipe for that dip can be found HERE), stuff to snack on, and also vegan sausage and bread to take with me to Brittanii’s party that Saturday, as she would have BBQ at her party, but nothing vegan friendly (aside from some watermelon that I absolutely DEMOLISHED lol), and a few other things to make sure that I was well fed whenever we were at my sister’s house. 🙂

My 3 year old nephew Cisco!

After getting to my sister’s house and settling in, I cooked rotel, we caught up on life, and our friend Tasha stopped by as we laughed and stayed up all night long, over drinks and herbs. 🙂 (Tamika hates taking pictures, and swore that she looked like a foot that day, so no photos of her that night lol.)

Vegan rotel dip!


It was like 3 am when I took that pic!

The next day, Friday, after sleeping in after being up all night, we made plans to go down to the pool at her friend’s apartment complex around the corner. Unfortunately, it began raining, so that put a halt to our pool plans, but we still ran errands around town in our bathing suits, and of course ya’ll know any chance I get to have a photoshoot, I surely will take it!



Late that night/early morning, my younger sister Diamond arrived. She was exhausted from her trip so she slept most of the morning, which worked out perfectly because Tamika had to work, and Brittanii came to pick me up to take her back to her place so we could finish setting up for her Rodeo-Themed party that day!

Brittanii actually lives about an hour outside of Dallas, so the drive back to her place allowed us to catch up on each other’s lives. Once we arrived to Brit’s house, I knew had to make a mad dash for Brit’s “Babe Cave”. Ever heard of a “Man Cave”? Yeah, well Brit elected to make a spare room in her and her fiancé’s home the female version of a man cave, which she affectionately calls her “Babe Cave”. I had seen her babe cave on FaceTime a few times, but I could not wait to see it in person! Her babe cave is all things girly, complete with a day bed (in case she gets tired and needs to lay down from being so fabulous), fabulous decor, pictures in frames displayed throughout the room, fun signs, and more! The following pictures were taken from my Snapchat. And if you know anything about snapchat, then you know there’s a way for you to create your own filters for a special event, and Brittanii had THREE filters! Ha!


And here’s a few more photos of her babe cave:


After playing around in her babe cave, I finished helping her make last minute additions for her party, then put on my rodeo-themed outfit and got ready to partyyyyyyy!

For her party, I wore light denim (short) shorts, a plaid shirt that I tied above the waist, red cowboy boots (that I got 2 years ago when I was living in LA and attended another rodeo-themed kids party), my denim corset choker from my store, and one of my favorite straw hat. Brittanii also hired a professional photographer for her party, so I have lots and lots of photos, including us playing jenga, lawn-sized dominos, and just being fabulous cowgirls. Yeeeeeehawwwww!




The party was so much fun, and Brittanii did an awesome job decorating and putting the party together. If you know Brit, then you know that she is super creative and has lots of style (she made me the bomb scrapbook for my Vegas bachelorette party years ago), and just is full of life and vivacious fun! After the party was over, she and I both headed back to my sister’s house, where she would spend the night, as we all would be going to brunch together that next day.

That Sunday, after slowly getting up and getting ourselves together, my sisters, nephew, and Brit headed to a cool spot for brunch called Whistle Britches, that had bottomless mimosas and just a overall nice atmosphere. We also met up with our friend, Carmen, who lives in Dallas as well, who I have known for over a decade! For brunch I wore a yellow high-waisted knee length skirt, ivory off-the-shoulder cropped blouse, and faux fur tan strappy sandals. All of my accessories came from my store, Fab & Ravenous Boutique.  Before we left (and while waiting for my sister Tamika who always takes forever to get ready, haha), we took a few pictures:

My sister Diamond and I!

Brit and me!

Of course the menu was a bit limited for me, but I was able to get a huge salad that I gobbled down pretty quickly (y’all know I’m greedy), and everyone else said that they enjoyed their food. (I haven’t quite converted my friends and family to vegan diets…YET!):

And of course we took tons of pictures while we there too:


After brunch, we (we meaning, my sisters and I) parted ways with Brittanii and Carmen, then headed home to change into our bathing suits. My sisters were determined to get tans before the weekend was over! Ha!




After we all enjoyed the pool, we headed back to the house to eat, relax and just hang out with each other for the rest of the evening. It felt so good to be with my sisters again. Because of our schedules, we don’t get to ALL be together at once, so having that bonding time (with my nephew included), was everything!

Monday was the day that I had to leave, so after hugs and goodbyes, I ubered to the airport, wearing my blue Fabbie Hat, navy blue onesie, and my not-yet-released  “Alexandria” slides:

Selfie in the uber heading to the airport


My flight going and coming was nonstop, so I was eager to get back to my babies and hubby.

Views from the top. We were like 20 minutes from landing at this point.


I had such a great time in Dallas that weekend, and I plan to go back soon and bring the kids, so they can reunite with their cousin, Cisco. But in short, that little Mommy getaway weekend was just what the doctor ordered, because now my husband is out of town so me and the kids have been hanging out alllllllll day long. All day. Long. So I am re-energized, because lord knows I need it! Ha!

Have a fabulous weekend Fabbies! 


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