Look Of The Week!

Last weekend, my family and I went out to dinner to our favorite Ethiopian restaurant, GoJo, and this of course gave me the perfect excuse to wear something fun. (Rule #1, always look for a reason to wear something fun. ;p) Anyway, I opted to wear a halter neck jumpsuit that I’ve had for over a year now, and have never worn. What’s great about this jumpsuit is that the material is soft and stretchy, and it has a super long inseam of about 36 inches, which meant even with my heels on, the pant legs still came to the floor. One of my favorite places to shop that caters to tall gals like myself is www.alloy.com. That is where the fabulous jumpsuit that I chose to wear for dinner came from! I love Alloy because they have extra long inseams on their jeans, dresses, and jumpsuits, and all at an afffordable price!

Given that my hair right now is in jumbo box-type braids (and pink and white no less), this jumpsuit completed the whole Hippie-vibe look that I somehow have going lol! So of course given any time that I’m really feeling my outfit, (which let’s face it, is most days even when I’m in shorts and a t-shirt,) an all-out photoshoot ensues! Read on to get the outfit and accessories details. Enjoy!


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I have always loved wearing jumpsuits for as long as I can remember, and one of the reasons is because of how comfortable and easy to move around in they are! This jumpsuit from Alloy was no different, and I absolutely love the print. I hope you all having something FAB planned for the weekend so that you have an excuse to wear something fun. :p

Have a fabulous weekend! 



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