I Changed My Hair Again! (And Again) And What Does My Husband Think of My Ever-Changing Look?

Hey Fabbies! Happy Fabulous Friday! You all already know that I love changing and having fun with my hair. I mean, I have a whole category on my blog titled “Hairstyles” that shows the different things I’ve done over the years. And some way or another, over time I have learned to dye/braid/weave ponytail my own hair. Thanks to the wonderment that is YouTube, Hair and Braiding Tutorials have become my best friend, and I have basically taught myself how to bleach, braid, and dye my own hair. Now, I am in no way saying that I am this hair guru or some professional, but I have been happy with the outcome of my hair experiments, and have continued to have fun with my ever-changing looks!

I had mentioned back in a previous post HERE about how the hair braider of all hair braiders, Kyron Christian who is based in LA, has always flown to our home within the last year to braid and twist the family’s hair. Every time she would come, she would always leave the extra packs of hair that she did not use for me to do whatever with. (If you want to see Kyron actually braiding my hair, you can watch my YouTube vlogs (or webisodes) of her installing my braids HERE and HERE! And I am going to bring the YouTube episodes back really soon so stay tuned! #TheFabandRavenousLife 😉 Well anyway, about 5 months ago, I began experimenting with the extra hair that had been sitting pretty in a box untouched. 

Sidenote: My history with dyeing my hair myself started at the age of 18. That was very first time I dyed my hair, in my bathroom toward the end of my senior year in high school. I did some sort of blonde highlights, and they didn’t turn out half bad. From there I went college and went to blonde, blonde, and more blonde. This was all using box hair dyes. Those days the blonde colors were actually pretty tragic in hindsight hahahahahaha! It’s actually funny, because before age 18, I had no desire to change my hair color. Which is funny, because fast forward to 16 years later, and I can’t stop changing my hair color! Ha! Ain’t life funny?

Back to present-day: I’ve long since graduated from the box-blonde brassy hair days, and have subconsciously become a person who cannot fathom having “normal”-colored for hair for long periods of times. Well let’s be honest: I cannot even fathom having any hair color for a long period of time. And lately, if you have been following this blog, or even following me on social media, then you know that I have amped up the drama to my hair over the course of the last year. This has been due in part to the spontaneous desire to do something fun and whimsical to my hair, ALL. THE. TIME. No seriously. I have had idea after idea, and because Kyron lives in another state and my life has gotten even BUSIER over the last year, I have kind of taken it upon myself to figure out to accessorize with all this fun colored leftover braid hair.

At first, as you saw from previous posts, I dyed my hair green to match the green braiding hair that I had left:








And after having fun with green hair for a few months (from December til March! That’s almost a record for me!), I then decided to dye my hair 2 colors: fuchsia and blue. I knew that I wanted to do something two-toned this go ’round, and decided on those. And even though I dyed my real hair, at this point, I knew that having that long-ass weave ponytail was absolute LIFE honey! So I did what any other woman who had a newfound obsession with “I Dream Of Jeannie” hair would do: I looked on Amazon for “colorful braiding hair”, and ordered some hair so that I could continue to my obsession!












I ordered a few different kinds, and until a few days ago would go back and forth between ponytail looks.




Which brings me to the most recent hairstyle switch-up, which are pink and white jumbo individual braids down to my butt. My real hair is still mostly fuchsia (or hot pink), but that didn’t stop me from watching a few YouTube Tutorials and coming up with my latest creation, which I will admit, I am very proud of! I’m like “You did that girl!” I love my latest style! 



And luckily this style is super light and is jog-friendly. (If my hair is too heavy and it affects my running, then I have to change it immediately. I still need to be comfortable you know?) It took me a total of about 4 hours to finish doing my braids, from parting them, to braiding them down. 

I am now on Day 3 of having these braids, which I randomly decided that I wanted to do last week. Oftentimes when I change my hair, I do it without warning. Meaning, I don’t make an announcement to my friends or family, or even my Honeybee for that matter. I just go in my bathroom and get to work. Then I’ll emerge out all “new hair who dis?”, and Chris doesn’t even blink an eye anymore lol! He is so used to me switching my style up that nothing I do surprises him at this point. But what does he really think of me and my crazy hairstyles? Well, I asked him:

Me: “Babe? What do you do think of your gorgeous wife’s crazy illustrious and creative hairstyles over the years?”

HB (Honeybee): “I mean, I support YOU. It’s your life. It’s what you love to do. I have no say in however you want to wear your hair. I love that you like to express yourself freely with your appearance. Rather if I even like it or not, it doesn’t matter because you love it, and I support the wave. I support you.” 

And there you have it. My husband is #TeamMe and supports–maybe even lowkey loves-my fun and crazy hairstyles. That makes me so happy because guess what? I don’t see the  hair game switch-up slowing down anytime soon. ;p

Me and the Wave God Himself lol

Have a FAB weekend Fabbies! 



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