30 Habits For Happiness!

Hey Fabbies! It’s been a brief minute! I have been my usual busy self, working on some GREAT things for my online store FRB, planning for our summer, (trips, activities, seeing family, etc..), and doing everything else in between. If you follow me on Snapchat then you get a chance to see me on a more regular basis. In the next coming weeks I will begin posting my favorite “Snaps” of the week here on my blog so that you can see a bit more of me and what I do on a daily basis, including Outfit Of The Day photos, when I go for my runs outside, my vegan cooking, and everything in between with my family! 

Anyway, upon surfing the internet the other day, I saw this list that said “30 Habits for Happiness”on my Instagram feed and loved it! I totally feel like this list is short, succinct, and straight to the point, so I wanted to share it here on my blog! It’s definitely something that is print-worthy, because we all could use little reminders every now and then to help keep us on the straight and narrow ya know? Anyway, see the list below:

30 Habits For Happiness:

  1. Be Kind.
  2. Eat Well.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Be honest.
  6. Dream Big.
  7. Be patient.
  8. Judge less.
  9. Smile often.
  10. Love yourself.
  11. Forgive easily.
  12. Show gratitude.
  13. Think positively.
  14. Drink lots of water.
  15. Believe in yourself.
  16. Keep an open-mind.
  17. Put your needs first.
  18. Don’t make excuses.
  19. Speak well of others.
  20. Listen to understand.
  21. Choose faith over fear.
  22. Make the most of now.
  23. Exercise self-discipline
  24. Look on the bright side.
  25. Avoid social comparison.
  26. See failure as opportunity.
  27. Don’t take opinions to heart.
  28. Select friends that lift you up.
  29. Let go of what can’t be changed.
  30. Have a healthy sleeping pattern.


I just love how straight to the point this list is. And again, it’s such a good reminder on how just simple things can lead us/keep us in the land of happiness. I mean, ultimately, it’s what we ALL really want right?

And just for fun, I’ve included some photos that should just put you in an instantly better mood lol:





















I hope you guys enjoyed the list and the photos, and hope that we all can develop healthy habits that lead us–and keep us–at our happy places. Cheers! And have a great rest of the week!



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