My Style Lately!

Hey Fabbies! I was preparing to write a blog post showing off what I thought was a cute little outfit that displayed my current style, but as I started scrolling through my photo albums, I had come to the realization that I have been drawn to a few things: oversized tees and hoodies paired with leggings (or nothing), and PRINTS.  My style somewhat evolves every few months (this includes me changing my hair often lol), but never really intentionally. I am just drawn to certain styles or colors, and go with that. These days, it’s all about comfort, but because my motto has always been “more is more”, bold and fun prints just sort of takes my nice and cozy style from boring to exciting.

Lately I’ve been raiding Chris’s box of stuff he never wears anymore, and eventually planned to give away, and he has all these fun graphic and vintage tee shirts! I’m like “um, these shirts have a new home, and that home is my closet. Thanks.” I have been in oversized graphic print t-shirt heaven! Thanks honeybee!

A few days ago, I wore an old worn-in vintage “concert” tee (taken from Chris), cotton print leggings, and my Fabbie™ “Alexandria” slides:




And yes I threw a vintage filter on my pictures when I edited them, simply because my shirt was vintage too ha!

Here are other instances of me wearing oversize tops and/or prints:

Excuse the dirty mirrors, I have young children so I get a pass lol!



If I know that I am not leaving the house that day, I am almost always in a onesie. And of course this one is one of my favorites.
My hair! Hahaha this was after my second bleaching process, and right before I dyed my hair green. (And still rocking prints.)


Running errands last month
It’s SO much going on in this picture and I love it! ;p


Ahhh I was so happy when I found this shirt in Chris’s box of “old stuff”!

…random selfies of me rocking prints:



I even realized that at the crack of dawn,  before I even get dressed or brush my teeth, whatever I throw on, I’m still in allover print!


I’m not sure how long my current style will last, but I must say I am having a ton of fun with it. They say many people dress subconsciously by whatever mood they are in, and well, my mood is whimsical, fun, and free! ;p

Have a fabulous weekend!



2 replies to “My Style Lately!

    1. I’m glad you love these posts! I’m gonna start bringing back monthly outfit details at the end of each month like I did last year. :-*


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