What Exactly Is A “Fabbie™” Anyway?

What’s with this “Fabbie” word that you keep seeing around the site? A Fabbie is a woman who is strong, confident, fearless, and lives life on her own terms. A Fabbie has style that is all her own. A Fabbie is not afraid to be exactly who she is, whoever that may be. Fabbies love to celebrate life in general, and look at life as a gift that should be lived Fabulously, every single day. A Fabbie could be a lawyer, an artist, a mother, a teacher, a CEO, a salesclerk, a bartender, a flight attendant, an accountant, or whomever! A Fabbie also is very supportive of other women, and loves to celebrate their successes as if they were her own. Fabbies love being a part of a good “Girl Squad”, but also knows that she can shine on her own. Most of all, a Fabbie is also kind. Fabbies love to see other people happy, and will make their best effort to add zest and delight to other people’s lives as well.

Being a Fabbie is not about what you have, how you dress, or if you keep your hair and nails did; it is so much deeper than that. Being a Fabbie is more of a feeling. If you feel that you have the characteristics listed above, then you are indeed a Fabbie! It does not take anyone to tell you this. You just know it. Just like you would know another Fabbie if you saw one. At my store Fab and Ravenous Boutique, we like to celebrate Fabbies every chance we get, which are depicted in the fabulous cartoon faces that you will eventually see on several merchandise carried in the store. The “Fabbie” digitized art faces (All designed by meeee), are meant to represent women from all over the world, depicting that we are all dynamic and diverse, and walking pieces of art. We can all see ourselves in one of the Fabbie Faces.
If you are indeed a Fabbie, then you instantly become a part of a fabulous community of celebration, support, positivity, and just overall badassery that comes with being an outstanding woman. So if you see a fellow Fabbie, do not hesitate to give her a “Yasssssssssssssssss!” when you see her.

Raven Douglas-Roberts, HFIC (Head Fabbie in Charge)

P.S. My online store is finally opening tomorrow night at 8:00 pm Central Standard Time! Mark your calendars! Friday the 13th! We are adding new inventory WEEKLY! See you there! ;p

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