Hello November!

Happy Friday Fabbies! November has always been my favorite month of the year for as long as I can remember. Growing up, November meant Thanksgiving, colder weather, the start of my basketball season, and also, my birthday! (What’s up fellow Scorpios!) So with everything going on every November, I also remember being very busy as well. November is always a busy month for me, no matter what stage of my life that I’m in. It just seems to always be the case. I mean, look at me now, I’m in the process of finalizing everything for my online store. In November! Can you say, Team #nosleep?!  But even with a busy month ahead, I am still SO excited, because November is basically the best month ever. 

Here are a list of things that come to my mind when I think about November (in no particular order):

  1. Colder Weather.
  2. Ankle boots.
  3. Over the knee boots.
  4. Leaves turning beautiful colors.
  5. Christmas decorations galore at every store you walk into.
  6. My birthday.
  7. Champagne.
  8. Champagne again.
  9. Overeating.
  10. Regretting eating all that pie on Thanksgiving.
  11. Leftovers.
  12. Faux Fur jackets.
  13. Fedoras.
  14. Christmas shopping.
  15. Putting up our Christmas Tree and Christmas decorations.
  16. Scarves.
  17. Hot Chocolate. 
  18. Chili.
  19. Champagne again.
  20. Excitement.
  21. Family.
  22. Turtlenecks.
  23. Faux Fur vests.
  24. The color rust.
  25. The color olive.
  26. Champagne. 
  27. Feeling Thankful.
  28. Cozy socks.
  29. Cozy onesies.
  30. Eggnog
  31. …with Hennessy.
  32. The color oxblood. (google it. It sounds fancier that just saying “burgundy or maroon” :p)
  33. Layering.
  34. Holiday music.
  35. Parades.
  36. Wearing more hats.
  37. Boots with the (faux) fur.
  38. Scorpio Season.
  39. Velvet.
  40. Oversized sweaters.
  41. Knits.
  42. Thinking “Where did the year go?!”



With all of the excitement that November brings, one can see why November is easily my favorite month of the year. My birthday aside, Zé and Chris’s birthday are soon after mine, so I am always so warm and fuzzy inside during this time of year. I hope all of you Fabbies have a wonderful November! Have a fab weekend! 





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