Why You Need To Get To Know This Woman: Myleik Teele

Happy Monday Fabbies! So I have been dying to share with you guys a lady who I discovered a few months back on one of my favorite blogs, www.xonecole.com. There was an interview that I read about Myleik Teele, who is the founder of a company called curlBOX, which is a monthly subscription service of fabulous hair products for women of color. With this subscription, the customer receives a box of hair care products every month for only $20.00 a month! TWENTY. DOLLARS. Such a genius idea!  I often read many interviews on various websites, but Myleik’s interview was just downright CAPTIVATING! (to read the full interview, click Here.)

What I loved most about that interview, is what great advice she was giving. As I was reading the interview, I found myself hanging onto her every word. Her transparency about her struggles on her journey to success, her personal life struggles and triumphs, and just her overall Girl Boss attitude had me incredibly inspired! After finishing the interview, I then searched for Myleik (yes, we’re on a first name basis because I feel like I know her already. It’s only a mater of time before we meet up for drink right?!) on social media and began following her, and found that I love her even more!

Outside of her extremely successful curlBOX business, Myleik has a very successful podcast that I absolutely LIVE for! (If you’re unfamiliar with what a podcast is, it’s basically an audio blog. So just imagine me saying everything in this blog post on an audio recording.)  It was through her podcasts that I really became obsessed  a fan of hers. In her podcasts, she gives out advice on everything from business, entrepreneurship, relationships, dating, money saving tips, and everything else in between. She is a straight shooter, and doesn’t sugarcoat sh*t!  Her podcasts are so good that I often take notes on what she is saying. The times that I don’t take notes while I’m listening, is when I’m at the gym working out. Yep, I listen to her podcasts while I work out! Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t do this all the time, because sometimes you just need some good hardcore rap music to get you going, but half the time, I enjoy listening to her podcasts at the gym, particularly when I’m on the treadmill running.

When Myleik is asked why chooses to share her knowledge often and willingly with other women (and men) who are in their journey of trying to craft out a life that they can be proud of, Myleik says that when she started her professional career in her early twenties, there was really no blueprint for success. There really were no “how-to” guides on how to be successful, and Myleik says that she had always known that she would share what she had learned with others, because that in turn helps us all.

I wanted to write this post about Myleik Teele because she has truly inspired me. My poor husband has had to listen to me talk about her for months now:

Me: “Babe! Today I was listening to Myleik’s podcast and…” (he must have heard this about 25 times already!)

I’m pretty sure at this point Chris feels like he knows her too. While I’m listening to her podcasts, I sometimes think, “OMG my sisters/friends/everybody-and-they-mama need to listen to this!!” And you still can! Aside from curlBox, Myleik also has a website, www.mytaughtyou.com, where you can access her podcasts directly. (She has been recording podcasts for about 4 years now, so you can go back and peruse her feed and see what topics tickle your fancy.)  She also has a section on her website where you can ask her questions on any topic you can think of. She is an avid reader, so she has book recommendations for days as well. (I’m currently reading one of her recommendations entitled “You Are A Brand” by Catherine Kaputa.)

While I love everything that Myleik does, I still have yet to get a subscription to curlBOX! Ugh! She opens a list to get your subscription only ONCE a month, promptly at 9AM Eastern Standard Time. (It’s ultra exclusive this way.) That’s 6AM where I live, so even when I’m up and ready to purchase, they’re already sold out. Which is crazy because I get up around 6:10 normally! This just tells me that many people want and need this service! But that’s okay, with November being the next time the list opens, (and my birthday month), I’m determined to get my subscription to curlBOX! Clock will be set honey! Until then, I will continue to support her in every other way, as she has already taught me so much.

On her website she has a page of just sayings and quotes, and below, here are a few of my favorites:





Myleik just gets it!

I hope you have a fabulous week! xoxo





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